Solution delivery


SimCorp’s standardized delivery methodology is your guarantee of a smooth SimCorp Dimension implementation process with short time to value.

We have a standard methodology, which has proven to be 100% successful in over 180 implementation projects. By using standardized elements combined with solution blueprinting, SimCorp’s delivery methodology reduces project risk and increases business value.

Delivery projects with SimCorp address more than just the technical implementation. We cover three work streams to ensure SimCorp Dimension is implemented successfully:

  • Business value: Defines, monitors, and adjusts the business case to ensure the project realizes the expected business value.
  • Solution delivery: Ensures implementation or configuration of SimCorp Dimension according to targets.
  • Project governance: Controls the transformation including definition of project team, plan, budget, and status, and monitors issues/risks.

The solution delivery workstream uses SimCorp’s standardized six-step methodology:

  1. Proof of concept
    A strategic roadmap and target operating model is the foundation of the implementation process.
  2. Project initiation
    Scope and plan the implementation process. Using Blue Printing, we develop a Work Breakdown Structure, Project and Resource Plan, and a risk profile for the implementation process.
  3. Analysis and design
    Design and agree on the to-be design and the to-be business process in details. Solution architects - SimCorp experts deployed at your business - will develop a phased transistion between Analysis & Design and Configuration, to ensure early sight of the solution with short time to value.
  4. Configuration
    Execute change of business, configure SimCorp Dimension solution, change technology platform. User Acceptance Test is executed, allowing end users to test the configuration of the system.
  5. Delivery
    Get acceptance and go live with the new solution. User Acceptance Test is completed, and focus is on Quality Assurance and Issue Resolution.
  6. Monitor
    Wrap up knowledge transfer, evaluate key success factors, and archive project documents.