Release the full potential of SimCorp Dimension

If you are not yet using SimCorp Dimension, but want to assess the potential value of using an integrated system, our Value Discovery Service will help you do exactly that.

If you are already using SimCorp Dimension, our Value Discovery service will help you identify and release the unexploited business value of your current investment management system landscape.

Our Value Discovery service helps you align your operating model with your strategy. The final result is a value-based, prioritized roadmap, which includes a list of tangible recommendations, the associated return, and cost entailed.

The Value Discovery process

Our Value Discovery service is a standardized, five-step process. We begin by analyzing your strategic objectives. By mapping your current operating model to these, we are able to identify a range of gap, where you can achieve a competitive improvement, an increased business value in existing processes, and/or cost reduction.

The gaps are analyzed in close cooperation with your management to assess the potential for change. Finally, we evaluate the business case and make prioritizations according to value realization and strategic objectives.

  1. Strategic objectives
    We establish the strategic objectives. Your vision and strategy set the direction of change, while your expected Return on Investment determines the magnitude.
  2. Operating model
    In the second step, we analyse your current operating model, and identify processes for future value creation. To do so, we leverage the EY leading practice Target Operating Model Framework.
  3. Potential
    In the third step, we focus on finding the enablers for change. We assess the potential for value creation in each of these and prioritize them.
  4. Business case
    In the fourth step, we analyze the cost and benefit of each change enabler to quantify the business value. We also link the value with the strategic objectives in a Benefit Network Map.
  5. Prioritization
    In the fifth step, we prioritize the practical recommendations, and derive a prioritized roadmap that includes return an cost of each of the recommendations.

Value Discovery Service

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