On Premise


Run your SimCorp Dimension system on local servers and applications, to maintain full control of your entire solution.

On-premise deployment for full control

Investment managers who view IT as a strategic part of their value chain demand flexibility and agility while maintaining full control of their operations and minimizing risk. SimCorp’s On Premise solution deployment meets all these demands and more.

Full control and data security

SimCorp’s On Premise solution allows you to leverage the advantages of installing your investment management system on your own hardware. Running your investment management system locally gives you full control of your entire solution.

You license the software and you are in full control of subsequent changes and upgrades to your installation, and the on-premise deployment gives you the freedom to integrate the software with any other applications you may be using.

Flexible configuration adapted to your needs

You define your own systems infrastructure, and you can introduce new functionality if and when the business need arises. You can customize your configuration and processes to fit your individual needs, and to improve time-to-market for your products and services.

Leveraging internal resources

With our On Premise solution, you use your own dedicated IT staff for maintenance and support, and you can rely on internal teams to ensure system uptime, data security and systems operations in general. With data physically located on your premises and owning the software, you provide your IT teams with maximum control and data accessibility. In addition, the full control over the hardware and software environments enables your IT team to integrate the system with third-party applications that work best with the internal technology setup.