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Investment Accounting Services is a unique combination of three value-adding components - advisory, operations and change management – that work together to give you back valuable time to focus on what really matters to your business – insight, analysis, innovation, and growth.  

Our Investment Accounting Services are backed by 50+ years of proven technology with a market-leading platform, leading the way in automated processing of more than USD 30 trillion in assets under management across 300+ global organizations. 

Get access to local accounting experts, reduce your operating costs, and close the books faster with timely, validated, and compliant accounting data within a T+1 to T+3 timescale.

Introducing the three C's of Investment Accounting Services

Our Investment Accounting Services provides you with a comprehensive solution when it comes to investment data, validated by experts in your field of business. A highly automated and standardized service, SimCorp's Investment Accounting Services delivers accurate, timely, multi-jurisdictional and regulatory compliant accounting data and reports, in a way that keeps you in control, and is cost effective.

What are the three Cs?

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Get full and transparent access to validated and enriched accounting data, that's held in your geographical region and in line with international data regulations. This allows you to close the books earlier and focus your time on gaining valuable insights, rather than on processing the data.


Our service supports over 70 accounting frameworks and 170,000 instruments, including alternatives and complex derivatives, meaning you can rely on Investment Accounting Services to deliver you verified investment accounting reporting wherever you operate.


With our Investment Accounting Services, you benefit from a proven STP rate of more than 95 percent, a shared platform, and a pool of experienced accountants and operations specialists. This gives you considerable efficiency gains, meaning you can focus your resources on core, value-adding tasks.





Our Investment Accounting Services will help you:  

Optimize costs

 With 95%+ STP rates, combined with a shared platform and a centralized pool of accounting experts, you can focus your resources on analysis and decisions, not reconciliations.  

Maintain full control of your data

With Investment Accounting Services, you get transparent access to timely, validated, and enriched accounting data that you can depend on, enabling you to close the books earlier and focus time on high-value activities.  

Achieve regulatory compliance 

With 70+ accounting frameworks and local regulatory jurisdictions, backed by access to local teams and expertise, we help ensure you are always compliant.  

Stay one step ahead with always-on advice

Our highly experienced team of qualified accountants and operations experts are always on hand to answer your questions and keep you informed of ongoing regulatory and accounting changes.  

Grow your business

Our service brings together unrivalled asset class coverage with local expertise and standardized best-practice processes, providing you with increased agility, scalability and fast time-to-market.   

Get insights that go beyond accounting with data interoperability

We provide turnkey connectivity to major financial market participants, including custodians, third-party asset managers, and partner ecosystems, plus the ability to integrate accounting data with non-accounting data (e.g., investment, business, and risk information) in a cloud-based data warehouse. 


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SimCorp Investment Accounting Services

SimCorp’s Investment Accounting Services is a technology-driven, highly automated and standardized service, powered by SimCorp Dimension, that delivers accurate and timely multi-jurisdictional and regulatory compliant accounting data and reports.

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