Enterprise Assistance

Reduce risk and increase efficiency through industry-best practices

Enterprise Assistance supports your strategic goals and KPIs through an aligned service delivery plan that is tailor-made to your needs. In close collaboration with us, your organization will develop the capabilities it needs to prevent potential business-critical issues from occurring by assessing risks, remediating, educating, and improving processes.

Our Enterprise Assistance consists of three overarching elements. You can customize the specific content of each element to suit your business needs:

  1. Assess risk:
    1. Application risk
    2. Infrastructure risk
    3. Organizational risk
  2. Improve operation:
    1. Check-up, remediation, and recovery execution
    2. Roles and knowledge management
    3. SimCorp operating framework
    4. New process evaluation and change
  3. Build knowledge:
    1. End user eLearning
    2. Business user education
    3. Operations and Release workshops