System Performance

Cross-layer performance – achieved

Your IT system relies on multiple layers of infrastructure and each is critical to your investment management activities. For SimCorp Dimension to perform at a high level, the infrastructure layers must work in parallel.

Today, it is common for IT infrastructure layers to be dealt with in isolation, with issues popping up on a case-by-case basis. This wastes valuable time trying to identify root causes. Even if it seems everything is functioning perfectly at each layer, the impact on business performance and end users could be quite different, due to weak interlayer performance.

System Performance service can help

With our System Performance service, we make it possible to achieve system performance transparency with single cross-layer monitoring. This enables you to check inter-layer performance and gain an overview of issues that may exist, enabling you to deal with them before they turn into bottlenecks. With the SimCorp System Performance service you:

  • Will have a transparent view across the entire infrastructure
  • Can identify the most dominant bottlenecks
  • Receive precise recommendations for optimizing interaction between layers
  • Maximize SimCorp Dimension performance

System Performance

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