Classroom training and curriculum

You can attend courses related to particular functional areas of your SimCorp solution, with access to SimCorp Dimension in a safe training environment.

You will benefit from knowledgeable training instructors, who will guide and teach you how to configure the system as designed by SimCorp. To maximize your outcome of the training, usage is in focus, i.e. processes and tasks as experienced in the daily operation of the SimCorp Dimension platform. In the course finder below you can find an overview of courses, and their availability.

I prefer for a general course over a client specific course because a client specific course will only train me to work with our current setup and won’t give me an inside on how we could improve the current setup or extend the current setup if neededJeroen Bosman, Syntrus Achmea

Course calendar 2017

Download the 2018 Course Catalog for Central Europe

Get the latest course calendar and plan your SimCorp solutions education. (PDF is in German)

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