SimCorp also offers eLearning structured to ensure you use SimCorp Dimension optimally and hence achieve the most value from your solution. On the SimCorp eLearning portal, you can access lessons, courses and videos that simulate the experience of step-by-step working with SimCorp Dimension and test yourself afterwards. There is more than 1,000 lessons to choose from and new lessons added every week. The service focuses on system usage and gives you unlimited access to all of SimCorp’s eLearning content.

SimCorp eLearning lets you learn and practice at your own pace, at times and locations convenient for you.


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Improve user efficiency

With two software releases every year, you have the perfect opportunity to make the most of the latest functionality and workflows developed for SimCorp Dimension. However, staying on top of the latest developments and leveraging the recommended workflows requires continuous training of users, which in turn improves their efficiency and makes your company more competitive.

SimCorp eLearning makes that possible. It may also reduce the need for you to develop your own training, and makes it easier to onboard new users.

It was easy to decide to subscribe to the eLearning service because it gives our employees quick access to SimCorp Dimension knowledge. We also asked SimCorp to create eLearning lessons to match our particular needs and they did soMarja Anttila, Development Manager, Nordic client


Reduce training costs

SimCorp eLearning eliminates the need for offsite training courses, taking you away from your daily responsibilities. The SimCorp eLearning portal is a collection of on-demand, interactive eLearning lessons, courses and videos on virtually all SimCorp Dimension functionality.

With unlimited access to all eLearning content, you can train when you need it and select exactly what is relevant for you.

I was familiar with the basic functionality of the asset manager but the strategy builder was new to me. To familiarize myself with the functionality, I went to the eLearning portal to check if there was any lessons around it. It took me 5 minutes to watch it and collect some basic knowledge. I successfully built a small demo of the strategy builder in a demo clone.Katrina Maniego, Senior Business Consultant, North America


Improve competitiveness

By improving the skillset of users, you improve efficiency and lower the manual error rate. At the same time, you improve user flexibility and reduce the time it takes to implement and benefit from new functionality.

While your overall training costs are reduced, you improve your competitive position in the industry.

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Please note that we only process eLearning requests from existing SimCorp clients.