Regulatory Compliance

Turn regulatory changes into a competitive advantage

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the global financial industry has faced significant regulatory challenges, such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID II/MiFIR and IFRS 9.

The ability to adapt to such challenges quickly and at a low cost is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. This is why a fast and smooth implementation process is vital to your regulatory compliance.

To deal with the regulatory challenges, it is important that you quickly identify regulatory changes and cost-efficiently integrate them into your operational platform.

The key challenge remains: how can you ensure that you detect and monitor relevant regulatory topics efficiently and in due time?

SimCorp Regulatory Center of Excellence can help

Through our Regulatory Center of Excellence, we continuously monitor the legal environment and transform regulatory requirements into working SimCorp solutions.

The leading experts and best technical specialists at the SimCorp Regulatory Center of Excellence cover the full process of regulatory changes by:

  • Tracking ongoing regulatory initiatives
  • Identifying functional needs for your platform
  • Steering the portfolio of regulatory compliance offerings
  • Ensuring cost-efficient implementation

 SimCorp offers a range of Regulatory Services that will help ensure you are adequately prepared to comply with financial regulatory changes:

Legal Rule Set Service

Helps you keep track of regulatory changes and their impact on your SimCorp Dimension installation. The Legal Rule Set Service covers over 1100 legal investment restrictions, with the number increasing annually.

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Solvency II Service

Helps you set up the standard model for the quantitative requirements of Pillar 1, as well as authority reporting, public disclosure, and risk reporting covered by Pillar 3 of the Solvency II framework.

Trade Repository Service

Helps you gain control of the complete process from data collection and processing, right through to creating reports, to help ensure you comply with the derivatives reporting obligations, as specified by EU regulation and ESMA standards. The Trade Repository Reporting Solution helps you fulfil the reporting obligation of derivative trades enforced under several jurisdictions, for example EMIR in the EU or ASIC in Australia. The Trade Repository Monitoring Service for EMIR helps you keep updated on the latest adjustments to the regulatory environment, the Trade Repositories and SimCorp Dimension functionality.

Trade Repository Reporting Solution

Trade Repository Reporting Solution factsheet

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Trade Repository Monitoring Service

Trade Repository Monitoring Service factsheet

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GDPR and SimCorp Dimension

SimCorp supports its clients compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by addressing the most relevant requirements from GDPR in relation to their SimCorp Dimension usage. The investment management platform already allows you to comply with GDPR and its support of Data Privacy Management will be expanded further.


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