Increase the resiliency of your organization

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides the application management and platform duties for all SimCorp solutions. Not simply pure hosting, it’s a full application lifecycle management service delivered with a continuous development roadmap to increase the resiliency and efficiency of your organization. Standardizing operations helps you obtain the full benefit of a Software as a Service and a managed operations-based environment.

SimCorp SaaS at a glance

  • SimCorp applications delivered as a service on public cloud
  • Subscription-based commercial model
  • Automated release upgrades, deployment and testing
  • On demand additional environments
  • Single-tenant deployment with as-is configuration
  • State of the art security infrastructure
  • Self-service user experience via cloud portal

Why SimCorp SaaS?

End-to-end: One vendor, full service

We take responsibility for the entire stack as well as providing SLAs across the entirety of the service.

Flexibility and scale

When you grow, the SaaS platform seamlessly grows with your business. When you are winning mandates, the service will adjust and scale accordingly.

Faster time to value

SimCorp takes over all testing, so you can realize value from your platform quicker.

Secure and compliant

Backed by Microsoft Azure, our platform supports global and regional compliance requirements. See a sample list here.

The transformation to SaaS

Our CEO Christian Kromann and Commercial Director for Cloud Service Jacob Højland talk about how we support investment managers' SaaS journey.

SaaS is the sustainable option

SimCorp SaaS offers a demonstrated 70%-90% increase in carbon efficiency compared to an average on-premise setup. See how we’re reducing carbon footprint for our clients.

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