Automate your configuration deployment

Operations is a constant trade-off between speed of execution, costs, and risks taken. Managing the configuration of SimCorp Dimension is no different. Our Configuration Deployment Service is available to tackle precisely these operational issues. With us, your organization will have automation and documentation of all movement of SimCorp Dimension configurations with transparent workflow management and versions control resulting in reduced lead times, lower costs, decreased risk and facilitated audit and regulatory compliance

How does it work?

Configuration management automation focuses on transporting and documenting all your change requests to production by working with lead time for continuous delivery. You remain responsible for developing and changing the configuration areas that make you unique and differentiate your business from your peers.

Thanks to technology enablement and people operations, we ease your separation of duties between Business as Usual and Changes teams by delivering an automated one way to Production where all configuration packages are following the same strict standardized control mechanisms. One single process is followed for all your changes connecting all your users in a unified way.

Combined with Continuous Testing, regression tests are re-used and executed before migrated to production. It allows deployment teams to correct defects before hitting production, increasing considerable platform quality and users’ satisfaction.

Continuous deployment offers incredible productivity benefits. It allows your staff to respond to changing market demands and to rapidly deploy and validate new business ideas. With a continuous deployment pipeline in place, your organization can react faster to customer feedback.

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