Make your upgrade a non-event

Do you find investment management software upgrades and the test of configuration updates a challenge? Do you struggle to retain the competencies needed to handle this process? Are the release upgrades and configuration changes becoming an increasing cost for you with too much manual work?

Continuous Testing Service solves all the above while helping you transform your development processes to validate and test the business demands faster.


Why move from Conventional Testing to Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing enables your organization to have a leaner upgrade process and less effort thanks to our continuous testing framework, automated incident management, code-based regression testing and extended system integration testing.

The regression testing effort is shifted left into the development cycle, meaning that Regression Testing on your configuration and data is happening in parallel to development and generic Quality Assurance testing.

Continuous Testing solves the most common upgrade testing challenges by improving:

Testing is completed by the time the version is released. This translates directly into the overall upgrade timeline and typically saves around three months per upgrade.

Breaking changes are identified much earlier, and fixes are delivered within ongoing development sprints. It also brings efficiency within the incident management process by tightening the feedback loop between testers and developers.

It is a common practice to freeze implementation projects and configuration in production to ensure the validity of the conducted tests for the duration of upgrade testing. Continuous Testing is happening behinds the scenes removing the need for such freezes.

Your organization can take the releases that are most valuable for your business (up to four times per year) at the most convenient times for you.

Key advantages

  • Accelerated time to market for new features and functionalities
  • Dedicated all-year round team extending your staff
  • Flexible upgrades scheduling
  • Incremental agile testing instead of big bang waterfall approach
  • Efficient incident management due to shift left approach
  • Embedded hosting and application management included
  • Futureproof towards a continuous deployment pipeline

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