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Over 60 SimCorp clients have migrated their operations to the SimCorp SaaS Platform, and our new customers are overwhelmingly choosing SaaS as their preferred operating model. Watch a few of their stories to learn why they chose a SaaS model.



Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)

With more than 40 years of experience, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is one of the world’s leading institutional investors. ADIA continually assesses how the external environment, and the business of investing is changing, looking beyond passing trends and market cycles to focus on how ADIA can evolve and prepare for the future. This long-term outlook requires an operating model that embraces the latest technology to enable greater agility, scale and efficiency. A core element of this ongoing, multi-year project has been to develop an operating model powered by a cloud infrastructure and services to help scale and secure investment operations. SimCorp's SaaS platform plays an important part in ADIA’s consolidation of its operations across multiple asset classes, with its data management services ensuring high quality data.

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The Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA)

The Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) decided to move to SimCorp SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform in 2016. This move kickstarted the RSA’s ability to actualize tremendous improvements around the efficiency of their middle and back office business processes. By moving forward with the implementation of SimCorp Dimension hosted in its SaaS platform, the RSA has been able to realize a host of benefits that the organization had not seen before. The RSA was finally able to:

  • Reduce operations support cost by 22%.
  • Cut down their days to close by an astounding seven days.
  • Free up their employees’ time to focus on more meaningful projects.

The move to SaaS has further provided the RSA with a highly scalable, secure, and cost-efficient solution. SimCorp SaaS platform eliminated the need for training and retraining of dedicated IT capacity and brought on ease of managed upgrades, disaster recovery testing and limited patches apply.

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Baloise Asset Management

Baloise, a longstanding client of SimCorp since 2006, embarked on a growth strategy in 2021, prompting a reevaluation of operational efficiency. As a result, discussions were initiated to explore SimCorp's Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The strategy necessitated a migration to the cloud, prompting Baloise to decide between utilizing SimCorp's SaaS offering or maintaining their on-premise data centers. With a renewed focus on growth and expanding their client base, Baloise's ultimate objective is to establish a stable straight-through processing (STP) platform, enabling the organization to concentrate on its core business. Real-time monitoring of how global events impact asset allocation is crucial for Baloise, requiring a platform that provides such capabilities. The decision to opt for SaaS was driven by the longstanding partnership between Baloise and SimCorp. Furthermore, Baloise can leverage the cloud to benefit from additional services, such as data management, further enhancing their operational capabilities.

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KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS

In 2018, KLP Group took a long-term strategic decision to apply a Software as a Service (SaaS) model where appropriate, driven by the need to balance the right level of resources to maintain applications in-house with the increased need to always keep skills and IT capabilities up to date. They initially kicked off a five-year program to develop a new pension platform, rewriting most of the old legacy applications and implementing this in new technology. KLP Group is now in the process of defining their cloud strategy for the entire group, including all their subsidiaries. The cloud strategy is due to be presented to the management team and board of directors in early 2021, and the company has already taken strides in executing on this strategy.

KLP’s operations had grown significantly in both size and complexity since they started using SimCorp Dimension as their core investment management platform in 1998. Combined with the corporate cloud strategy, this presented itself as an opportunity to create more scalability and elasticity in their operations as well as optimize their total cost of ownership. After discussing options for moving to the cloud with some of its regional peers, KLP found that SimCorp’s managed application services could help mitigate risks and scale up operations to eliminate capacity issues. It also provided a great intermediary step to lift SimCorp Dimension to the cloud. In May 2019, KLP reached an agreement to gradually transition their on-premise installation of SimCorp Dimension to a managed operations environment and reconfigured its servers as part of the transition phase. In October 2019, KLP went live with SimCorp’s Application Management Service (AMS) and Validation and Test service. In addition, the company licensed Oracle via SimCorp.

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