SaaS Core and Core+

Our SaaS platform has two building blocks: Core and Core+. Both the Core and Core+ options are powered by the Microsoft Azure platform, which is renowned for its exceptional stability and efficiency.

Learn more about each option below to see which aligns with your business needs.


We have designed the SimCorp SaaS Platform with utmost flexibility and scalability in mind, with the goal of accommodating all business operating models. The Core stack is ideal for businesses seeking to leverage the full potential of a modern SaaS platform, while retaining a degree of control over their functional operations.

By transitioning to a Core solution, you can expect to unlock a wide range of benefits, including a comprehensive end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) across the entire stack, a cutting-edge evergreen solution with a clearly defined SaaS roadmap, and a fully configurable single tenant.

Layers with SaaS

Layers with SaaS 


For businesses seeking to outsource as much responsibility as possible, the Core+ option is the one for you. In addition to all the benefits of the Core offering, the Core+ option provides you with additional continuous regression testing and configuration deployment services allowing you to delegate all maintenance, upgrading, and product enhancement tasks to our team. This streamlines your operations, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

Core+ allows you to delegate even more responsibilities to our team, freeing up your resources to focus on other business-critical tasks.

With both the Core and Core+ you gain a customizable and adaptable solution that can be tailored to your specific business needs, enabling you to navigate the complex and ever-changing market landscape with ease.