Solutions delivery with SimCorp Standard Platforms

Shorter time-to-value

In the past, most investment managers wanted to receive their own fully customized solution to perfectly fit their dedicated business requirements. These days, the trend is changing as they request more and more standardized business solutions as a recommended baseline, but still with the opportunity to customize specific configurations when required. As a result, we’ve developed SimCorp Standard Platforms™. The objective is to simplify the lives of our clients and mitigate project risks throughout the whole project lifecycle by working through proven solutions and workflows.

Based on more than 190+ client engagements across the globe, SimCorp has consolidated this unique wealth of knowledge and customer insight into standardized functionalities and workflows allowing for more ‘out of the box’ solutions to reduce implementation time, risk and cost.

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SimCorp Standard Platforms delivers standard components, processes and methodologies that are integrated into the delivery model of SimCorp Dimension® so that you can get up and running as soon as possible and benefit straight away from your new solution.


Hear more about SimCorp Standard Platforms from Klaus Holse, CEO of SimCorp, and Lars Moestrup, Vice President of Global Consulting at SimCorp.

Thanks to the standard corporate actions configuration used for this project, implementation took a few weeks, rather than months.Rene Kuil, Senior Portfolio Manager, PGGM Investments

Four key elements

  1. SimCorp Standard Platforms offer a business operating model for firms to use as a starting point, which is based on a market leading Investment Book of Record (IBOR) to ensure correct position data for the front, middle and back-office operations of asset management firms.
  2. SimCorp Standard Platforms offer predefined standard business processes as a recommended baseline for the system deployment providing high business value in your daily operations from start to end.
  3. SimCorp Standard Platforms also offer standard solutions components delivered centrally and ensuring a fast delivery so that you can already trial it on a short timeframe.
  4. Finally, there will still be an opportunity for clients to add custom solutions for specific areas where customization is required to meet specific and prioritized business needs.

Four key elements of SimCorps standard platform

Key benefits of SimCorp Standard Solutions

  • Get up and running with SimCorp Dimension quickly and shorten your time-to-value
  • Mitigate your project risks and decrease your implementation costs
  • Work through proven solutions and processes used by your industry peers
  • Access SimCorp’s vast business expertise gained from over 190+ installed investment managers globally
  • Get the full flexibility of SimCorp Dimension combined with standard business practice
  • Ease upkeep of SimCorp Dimension with smoother upgrade
  • Facilitate deployment of your next SimCorp Dimension solutions
  • Easy adoption of compliance changes developed by our SimCorp Regulatory Center of Excellence

Faster implementation

Delivery projects with SimCorp address more than just the technical implementation. We cover three aspects to ensure SimCorp Dimension is implemented successfully:

  1. Business value defines, monitors, and adjusts the business case to ensure the project realizes the expected business value
  2. Standardized solution delivery ensures a repeatable consistent delivery within the defined timeline
  3. Project governance controls the transformation including definition of project team, plan, budget, and status, and monitors issues/risks

The delivery team is composed of local on-premise and remote SimCorp consultants from our Configuration Delivery Center, that will assemble the SimCorp Standard Platforms to build the target solution.

The implementation project was definitely ahead of the expectations of the organization.Wouter Peters, COO, Aegon Asset Management Netherlands

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