Support for your alternative investment strategies

Remove manual workarounds and spreadsheets by managing all assets, including alternatives, on a single platform.

In a market where interest rates are declining, investors are seeking more liquidity by investing in long-term alternatives, including private equity, direct investments in real estate and infrastructure projects, and other alternative funds. However, investment in alternatives differs markedly from traditional investments in fixed income, equities, and derivatives, and they can cause new challenges within your operating model.

An integrated solution to manage alternative investments

Alternatives are costly, difficult to manage and complex. They lack the straight through processing of traditional asset classes, relying heavily on manual review and input of notices and quarterly reports.

The Alternative Investments Manager helps you simplify your alternatives operations and your IT architecture. It’s available as part of SimCorp Dimension – the only integrated front-to-back investment management system. This means you can consolidate and automate your alternative investments across the entire investment lifecycle, just like traditional asset classes, in a single solution. There’s no need to handle alternative investments in a separate application.

Two perspectives of managing Alternative Investments


The pension fund application manager

Thomas Anker, PenSam’s Application Manager, explains why the usual processes weren’t working for alternatives.


The global consultant

Nick Moore, Executive Director for the Lionpoint Group, shares the biggest trend he’s seeing among investment managers who handle alternatives.

Covering all investor strategies

We continue to invest in expanding our asset class coverage within the SimCorp Dimension platform. From a practical perspective, all asset classes can be modeled and handled within SimCorp Dimension’s IBOR. Since alternatives are a high-priority focus area for the industry, we continue to research and develop asset class functionality, ensuring a continued broad asset class coverage to meet your company's investment strategy within alternative financial products.

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