Empower your data consumers with SimCorp Business Intelligence

All your data at your fingertips

Strengthen your decision-making process

Data volumes are continually increasing and so does the demand to access these data. Storing data is fine – as long as it is done for a purpose as part of a data strategy. Commercial success of investment management companies is highly dependent on both a solid data strategy and the ability to analyze the data to drive better investment decisions

Combine all your data sources into a single view

With SimCorp Business Intelligence you can combine all your data sources, no matter how large, into a single view. It indexes every possible relationship in your data so you can gain immediate insights and explore any direction your intuition takes you.

Identify insights faster

In the financial services industry it’s critical to get up-to-the-minute data to drive investment decisions. SimCorp Business Intelligence is powered by Qlik, a market-leading analytics software provider. Our partnership offers you a self-service reporting and data analytics module that gives your entire organization easy access to live data from both within SimCorp Dimension and through the standard integration to the SimCorp Data Warehouse.

Reduce costs

SimCorp Business Intelligence can help improve operational workflows by exposing key performance indicators on trading and settlement processes, so you can measure the effect of process changes or dive into the root cause of inefficient workflows.

It enables you to quickly identify outliers in huge result sets  for example, those related to risk and performance measurement. The consequence of incorrect data in these area can be severe and the additional operational cost of correcting and re-calculating historic information can also be substantial.

Intuitive and flexible

SimCorp Business Intelligence can output to PDFs, Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft Word™, and pixel-perfect reports to share with colleagues. Dashboards can be sent to mobile devices and integrated with internal portals using APIs, so you can access them whenever you need.

Features Benefits

Import data models directly from the SimCorp Data Warehouse

Visualize all your data in one place

Synchronize user authorization and entitlements with SimCorp Dimension

Web-based access on any mobile device

Access with a single point of contact

Create “off the shelf” dashboards

SimCorp Business Intelligence

SimCorp Business Intelligence brings together the data you already own, to help you make more tactical and strategic decisions.

SimCorp Business Intelligence™

Learn how to empower your data consumers with SimCorp Business Intelligence.

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