Enterprise Data Manager

A fully integrated Enterprise Data Management solution for reference and market data

Take control of your data

Your business depends on quality, up-to-the-minute market and reference data. Enterprise Data Manager, powered by SimCorp Gain, provides a single version of the truth to help you make the best investment decisions.

Enterprise Data Manager covers the following market and reference data management:

  • Instrument data management
  • Portfolio pricing and analytics
  • Corporate actions processing
  • Data consumption monitoring

Get data from any vendor of your choice

The most current pricing and reference data is a critical component to your investment decisions. Why would you limit yourself to just one data feed? Enterprise Data Manager allows you import data from any vendor of your choice, including Bloomberg®, Refinitiv®, SIX Financial Information, WM Datenservice, ICE Data Services and more. See all data feeds and adapters.

Choose from four business applications

Enterprise Data Manager consist of four business applications. Individually or together they help you to maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs, achieve compliance and become more agile.

Each business application comes with:

  • A standardized data model
  • A comprehensive set of business workflows
  • Pre-configured adapters to an extensive range of data vendors and downstream systems
  • Rule-based processing for improved automation
  • Intuitive task management and reporting dashboards

Data Portal

Keep vendor data costs and usage under control

SimCorp Gain Data Portal provides a central data repository of market and reference data that can be directly accessed by spreadsheets, or by any application from any place in the organization.

Full control over data sourcing and usage

SimCorp Gain Data Portal is a software application dedicated to the efficient and compliant sourcing of market and reference data from popular data providers.

This award-winning application executes pre-defined data feed requests, stores the requested data in a central repository, and then makes that data accessible to the systems and users that need it.

By centralizing all data requests from one or multiple data feeds, SimCorp Gain Data Portal enables business users and applications to access data that has already been requested in a compliant way, and without incurring additional costs.

Firms using SimCorp Gain Data Portal have complete transparency into their data costs and usage at an account, business unit, and organizational level. Furthermore, cost savings are delivered immediately thanks to sourcing optimization.

Learn more about Data Portal

Data Portal

Security Master

Be confident in the quality of your data

SimCorp Gain Security Master centralizes and simplifies the management of all securities reference data accumulated through your operations, providing financial institutions with a single source of truth for all reference data queries. With SimCorp Gain Security Master, you can be confident that your data is accurate before it reaches your downstream systems.

It automates the acquisition and quality control of reference data, including securities data across all asset classes. Through exception-based processing, strict controls, and validation rules, it guarantees data quality from the moment a new security is created in the system. It speeds up the on-boarding of new securities and acts as a data quality firewall that improves operational efficiency and protects downstream processes and systems from poor quality data.

Learn more about Security Master

Security Master

Market Data

Intelligent pricing for multiple portfolios

SimCorp Gain Market Data is a pricing master dedicated to the central pricing of multiple portfolios. This award-winning business application provides a central point of control and transparency for pricing funds and portfolios. The system helps pricing teams to boost automation and increase their business agility.

Control and transparency for pricing policies

SimCorp Gain Market Data is dedicated to the effective management of multiple pricing policies. Designed for pricing teams and directly accessible to business operations users, this pricing master allows fast delivery of new funds or changed requirements while ensuring consistent control, versioning, and end-to-end data lineage for pricing policies across all portfolios.

Learn more about Market Data

Market Data

Corporate Actions

Keep control of your corporate actions data

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions captures and analyzes corporate actions data from multiple sources in real time, ensuring that the most time critical corporate actions data is quickly identified and processed. Pre-packaged workflows and flexible vendor source hierarchy functionality support intuitive gold copy creation for each event, significantly increasing automation.

Corporate Actions data under control

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions addresses the need for higher levels of automation to absorb the ever-increasing volume and complexity of events, as well as any inconsistencies in the underlying data. The application automates the labor intensive and error-prone handling of incoming events, while providing a structured business view of complex corporate actions announcements.

Learn more about Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions

Meet all your data needs within a single system

When implemented as a part of our front-to-back investment management system, Enterprise Data Manager gives you full data consistency and transparency from acquisition to reporting. 

Easier access to data

Easier access to data

– Raw / Golden / Consumption


Easy usability

– Through a modern web UI & self service


Increased transparency

– Across every step of the data lifecycle


Responsiveness of systems

– Individual scalable components


Your choice of delivery models

All Enterprise Data Management applications are available to implement on premise, or as a hosted service via SimCorp Gain in the Cloud.

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