Asset Management

Overcome your industry-specific challenges

Learn how SimCorp provides you with the technical foundations to support your investment strategy

Generate more alpha for your clients

To make the most informed investment decisions and capture growth opportunities, you need a highly automated investment management software solution capable of supporting the asset classes and markets you trade in.

Increase your profitability by overcoming the challenges of regulation, reporting, client demands and support of new asset classes and geographies with SimCorp Dimension. With the most highly automated software solution in the industry, combined with the market’s leading investment book of record (IBOR), our financial software catalyzes your growth efforts.

Automation and integration make the difference

The automated and integrated nature of our asset management software supports you in several ways. Manual processes are greatly reduced; lowering costs, mitigating operational risk and ensuring growth opportunities are captured as they arise. Additionally, silos are broken down and your front office has immediate access to middle and back office metrics (and vice versa), giving you the transparency and overview you need to make the most informed investment decisions. Thanks to our world-class asset management software, accurate and timely reports for clients, regulators or any other stakeholders are automated on a real-time basis, freeing up your staff to focus on alpha generation.

SimCorp Dimension provided a uniquely flexible solution to our needs because of the extraordinary functionality contained in the product.
Martyn Ryan, Partner and COO, Genesis

As you grow, we grow with you

The scalable and flexible nature of our asset management software solution allows you to add new portfolios and products, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and so on with little or no additional cost, thereby improving your cost-to-income ratios as you grow. Whether you plan to grow through entering new markets, products or asset classes, via merger and acquisition, provision of superior service, low cost leadership or a combination of these, SimCorp Dimension supports you in growing your business the way you want to.

Become a data-driven asset manager

Our investment book of record (IBOR) is integrated throughout our investment management system software, ensuring you have all position data available across asset classes so that you can apply the same risk models to all data, enabling correct and consistent quantification of risks. In addition, the IBOR gives you a ‘single version of truth’, ensuring that the same set of data is used in investment execution by your portfolio managers as by your compliance officers and risk managers, as well as colleagues in the middle and back office. With the same set of data used throughout your organization, you ensure that investment decisions are based on the best possible information.

Regulation and reporting

Expectations on asset managers are changing, with clients and regulators demanding increased transparency and responsiveness. The need for timely reporting requires that your investment management system supports new and complex functionalities, as well as delivering large amounts of accurate and detailed reporting data to clients and regulators. Our Regulatory Center of Excellence is continuously monitoring the legal environment in order to transform national and international regulatory requirements for asset managers into working SimCorp asset management software solutions before the regulation kicks in.

Find out why DIAM International chose SimCorp Dimension

Supporting your global operating model

As an asset manager investing internationally, globalization is a vital element that you need to prioritize. Whether you enter new markets via partnerships, acquisitions, setting up a local office, or running things from headquarters, we can support you.

SimCorp Dimension’s scalability and flexibility enables you to manage an almost unlimited number of holdings, portfolios, scenarios and strategies across multiple geographies. You can accommodate new asset types, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs. Our focus on extensive localization and support for local regulatory requirements minimizes your time to market.

SimCorp Dimension has allowed us to automate many routine tasks, such as producing reports. It is an extremely flexible system.