Asset servicers and custodians

Uplift your clients’ services with state-of-the-art solutions powered by SimCorp Dimension

Choose the partnership that matches your strategy – to successfully support the needs of your clients, now and in the long run.

Under the partnership framework, Asset Servicers and Custodians have committed to increase their engagement with SimCorp and in turn, we actively support their efforts with access to the latest SimCorp solutions and technical expertise. This support enables Asset Servicers to offer their clients a wider range of services backed by a strong, recognizable solution provider.

Asset servicers who operate on SimCorp Dimension experience numerous benefits:

  • Scale your business with ease and consistency
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase transparency for clients and regulators
  • Reduce costs and increase time to market for your clients


Three types of partnerships to fit your needs

We offer three types of partnerships with Asset Servicers and Custodians to fit your strategic operating models and the benefits you’re looking for.

Strategic Partnership

Under the Strategic Partnership, an Asset Servicer provides application services and business processing services performed on SimCorp solutions as part of a state-of-the-art front-to-back architecture, powered by SimCorp Dimension.

In this operating model uniquely enabled by SimCorp Dimension, clients connect to the Asset Servicer platform to perform portfolio management activities and benefits from BPO services for downstream activities in a truly integrated manner.

Benefits for Strategic Partners:

  • Provide to clients the benefits of a truly integrated platform while keeping control of core activities (portfolio management) and leveraging on outsourced services (data, middle-back office, reporting)
  • Access to SimCorp sales support resources to sell front office solutions

Our current strategic partners

UI Labs

Solution Partnership

This partnership enables the Asset Servicer to be equipped with best-in-class solutions from SimCorp to provide streamlined business process outsourcing (BPO) services to your clients, as part of a fit-for-purpose applications landscape. Typical supported BPO services in the middle and back office, data and reporting space include trade processing, NAV calculation, fund accounting, investment accounting, risk and performance calculation, regulatory/client reporting, etc.

Benefits for Solution Partners:

  • Realized efficiency gains in ability to onboard new mandates with no staff increase, manual process reduction and easy error handling
  • Standard processes for fast and easy client onboarding while enabling for specific configurations linked to more complex/advanced clients (premium services)
  • SimCorp’s commitment to continuously meet regulatory requirements of supported regulations (adapt when changes occur)

Our current Solution Partners

Deutsche Bank 

Interoperability Partnership

The Custodian partner and SimCorp maintain a set of interfaces between the partner platform and SimCorp Dimension to increase the value for joint clients.

Benefits for joint clients:

  • Improved STP rates, reduced manual processes, shorter time to market for new services, increased transparency, and control.
  • Remove the burden of interface implementation and maintenance efforts.

Benefits for Interoperability Partners:

  • Easier onboarding of (new) clients using SimCorp Dimension on their services

Our current Interoperability Partners


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