Asset servicers and custodians

A strategic choice

Learn how we can give you the technical foundations to support the operational and administrative aspects of your clients’ assets.

To better service your clients efficiently and improve their results, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition, improve operational excellence and boost your quality of partnership.

SimCorp is a trusted leader in the market. For more than 40 years, we have been developing SimCorp Dimension, our world class front-to-back investment management solution. Each year we funnel more than 20% of our revenue into R&D, ensuring that our solution can support your clients’ key requirements.

Benefits of being an Asset Servicer operating on SimCorp Dimension

SimCorp Dimension is an award-winning platform with a strong reputation for quality. Asset servicers who operate on SimCorp Dimension experience numerous benefits:

  • Grow your business globally, with consistency and ease
  • Improve client value for dollar by improving operation efficiency
  • Meet regulatory and client transparency demands
  • Excel in providing clients timely, complete and accurate data
  • Reduce your costs and increase time to market for your clients


Asset Servicers who have a strategic partnership with SimCorp

SimCorp has initiated a strategic framework agreement with several asset servicers and custodians. These organizations have committed to increase their engagement with SimCorp Dimension and in turn, we actively support their efforts with access to the latest SimCorp solutions and technical expertise. This support enables asset servicers to offer their clients a wider range of services backed by a strong, well-known solution provider.


Finanz Informatik

UI Labs

EDRAM logo

Societe Generale Securities Services


KAS BANK has been a traditional custodian moving towards becoming an innovative administration partner for institutional investors. CEO Sikko Van Katwijk explains how SimCorp’s technology is key to the services they offer.

We see clients demanding more and broader services from technology and from service providers. It is therefore a logical consequence that an increasing number of service providers enter into strategic partnerships with us to provide outstanding services based on our cutting edge technology. Through our strategic partners, clients get a unique combination of outstanding services based on the latest front to back technology.Jochen Müller, Executive Vice President, SimCorp


News about our strategic partnerships

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