Asset Servicers

Overcome your industry-specific challenges

Learn how SimCorp provides you with the technical foundations to support you manage the operational and administrative aspects of your clients’ assets

Servicing the asset servicers

To better service your clients efficiently and improve their results, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition, improve operational excellence and boost your quality of partnership.

As investment managers look for ways to streamline operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs, they are increasingly turning to asset servicers to manage the operational and administrative aspects of their assets. With SimCorp Dimension, you can build extremely strong back and middle office functionality to support your specialist offering. The integrated and scalable nature of the platform provides you with the flexibility you need to easily scale your business and add new clients, while at the same time decreasing your unit costs per client.

Grow your business globally

Growing your business by adding new clients and asset classes is no problem. The scalability and flexibility of our system enables you to manage an almost unlimited number of holdings, portfolios, scenarios and strategies. This allows you to accommodate new clients, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs. You can leverage complex products, funds and portfolio structures throughout the enterprise with integrated investment processing ensuring data validity and consistency and eliminating manual processes without additional headcount. The comprehensive financial instrument support enables quick onboarding and expands your possibilities to trade in new instruments and asset classes.

If your clients decide to enter new geographical markets, SimCorp’s focus on extensive localization and support for local regulatory requirements provides you with a global platform ready to service your clients. You are positioned for growth with the right infrastructure in place to handle even the most complicated business scenarios such as the management of funds across markets or the servicing of new markets.

Improve your client service by improving operational efficiency

With an unparalleled number of standardized and automated processes, straight-through processing (STP) workflows and single database architecture at your disposal, SimCorp enables you to not only lower operational risk but also reduce operational costs. Our integrated solution enables straight-through processing (STP) of all transactions with efficiency, accuracy and speed, allowing you to virtually eliminate manual processes. With exception management as the only manual intervention, you can curtail the number of processing errors, drastically reducing the costs involved in managing your assets.

Furthermore, SimCorp’s open architecture makes it possible for you to integrate and reconcile data with other systems, if and when needed, in order to achieve consistent and accurate performance measurement and NAV calculations and to generate accurate client and internal reports.

Whether you are offering strictly back office services or considering adding middle office services, SimCorp’s single platform provides you with best-in-class technology to deliver superior service offerings to your clients.

Satisfy regulatory compliance and reporting

The ever-increasing focus on transparency and responsiveness both by clients and regulators requires that you produce more insights than ever before. Your investment management system must not only support new and complex functionality but also deliver large amounts of accurate and detailed reporting data for clients and regulators.

Regulatory compliance and reporting flexibility are fundamental to your business. SimCorp Dimension offers comprehensive support for international, regional and local requirements thanks to our STP capabilities and integrated investment book of record (IBOR).

Handle your clients’ need for timely, complete and accurate data

With volume and complexity of data constantly increasing, your clients are demanding availability and delivery of the right data at the right time. Our IBOR provides you and your clients with the most accurate, timely and automated positions and cash information needed to make informed investment decisions. It is based on a ‘single source of truth’ of investment positions, including cash across asset classes, accounting systems and order management systems, and it feeds your organization with data reflecting not only trading metrics but also non-trading activity such as corporate actions, collateral movements, and any event impacting cash balances.