Fund Management

Portfolio management software to support your investment strategy

A single solution for portfolio management

As the investment management industry undergoes constant changes, fund managers face challenges driven by a growing list of new client demands, more stringent regulations and systemic changes to the financial markets.

While margins, fees and costs are under pressure, fund managers need to cater for an increasingly complex range of fund types and structures as well as diversify into new and exotic asset types.

Optimize and grow your investment portfolio

Our portfolio management software enables you to manage an almost unlimited number of assets, portfolios, what-if scenarios and investment strategies. This allows you to invest in new funds, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs.

Our platform lets you leverage financial product and fund structures throughout your company with automated and integrated fund management processing, ensuring data validity and consistency to eliminate manual processes without additional headcount. The comprehensive resource supports quick on-boarding and provides new possibilities to optimize your asset allocation.

It went live on time, on budget, quietly, which is what you want with a project like this - and the users are happy.
Matthew Oakeley, Schroders' Head of Group IT, Schoders

Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency

With a range of innovative capabilities, our asset management software helps to reduce company requirements, eliminate manual processes, and minimize exception processing. With an unparalleled number of standardized and automated processes, straight-through processing workflows and single database architecture at your disposal, our fund management software reduce operational risk and costs involved in asset management.

Create regulatory compliance and client reporting strategies

Expectations on fund managers are changing, with investors, clients and regulators demanding increased transparency and responsiveness. Your asset management software must support new and complex functionality, as well as delivering large amounts of accurate and detailed reporting data to clients and regulators.

SimCorp’s open architecture makes it possible for you to integrate and reconcile data with other systems, to achieve consistent and accurate performance measurement, NAV calculations, and accurate reporting. SimCorp Dimension also offers comprehensive support for international, regional and local requirements thanks to our straight-through processing capabilities and integrated investment book of record (IBOR).


Prioritize risk management with an integrated IBOR

If you’re concerned about market risk, counterparty risk and the risk of non-compliance, we help you to effectively and accurately assess and report such risk to all stakeholders including management, clients and authorities using industry standard key ratios.

Our IBOR ensures you have all position data available across asset classes, and you can apply the same risk models to all data, enabling correct and consistent quantification of risks. The need for you to validate and reconcile data from disparate systems is significantly reduced or eliminated, and data accuracy can be guaranteed, ensuring that analysis and reporting is based on the best possible foundation. Additionally, with SimCorp’s single database, integrated IBOR and straight-through processing architecture, you can better mitigate operational risk by eliminating manual processes and ensuring decisions are based on up-to-date and accurate data and information.

Support for your global operating model

If you invest internationally, globalization is a critical objective. Whether you enter new markets via partnerships, acquisitions, setting up a local office, or running things from headquarters, we can support you. Our focus on extensive localization and support for local regulations minimizes your time-to-market.