Overcome your industry-specific challenges

Learn how SimCorp provides you with the technical foundations to support your investment strategy

Supporting insurance firms in managing their investments

Our comprehensive investment management solution supports insurers with a single, seamless system to cost effectively manage all aspects of your investment management function.

Investment management within the insurance industry is rapidly changing and becoming more complex and diverse than ever. Traditional asset classes not delivering the expected returns demands new insights and knowledge around new asset classes. In addition, the burden of regulatory compliance and the costs associated with it remains a challenge.

Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency

Like most insurance companies, you probably see cost management as a crucial role in ensuring continued profitability. We support you with a range of innovative capabilities that, among other things, reduces personnel requirements, eliminates manual processes and minimizes exception processing.

The automated and integrated nature of our solution supports you in several ways. Manual processes are greatly reduced; lowering costs, mitigating operational risk and ensuring growth opportunities are captured as they arise. Silos are broken down so that your front office has immediate access to middle and back office metrics (and vice versa), giving you the transparency and overview you need to make the most informed investment decisions. Finally, client reporting and regulatory compliance is heavily automated so that your staff have more time to focus on value generation.

With XpressInstruments we are able to effectively mitigate the operational risk of managing our portfolios of structured products.
Erich Kruschitz, Head of Market Risk and Regulator Management, UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Growth in new asset classes

With interest rates at record lows, you can no longer rely on bonds as a primary investment asset to satisfy your return on investment. This has forced many to look into new asset classes, gain expertise in these classes and start trading.

The scalability and flexibility of our solution enables you to manage an almost unlimited number of holdings, portfolios, scenarios and strategies. This allows you to accommodate new asset classes, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs. The comprehensive financial instrument support supports quick onboarding and expands your possibilities to trade in new instruments and asset classes.

Complying with local and international regulation

Whether it is NAIC, IFRS or Solvency II, insurers increasingly face a host of new regulatory challenges. Our Regulatory Center of Excellence is continuously monitoring the legal environment in order to transform national and international regulatory requirements for insurers into working SimCorp solutions before the regulation kicks in. By helping you streamline processes around regulation and reporting, you not only ensure compliance, but also stand to gain from early and efficient adoption.

Become a data-driven insurer

Our investment book of record (IBOR) is integrated throughout our system, helping you turn your data into a competitive advantage. The IBOR gives you a ‘single version of truth’, ensuring that the same set of data is used across your front, middle and back offices. With the same set of data used throughout your organization, you minimize the risk of investment decisions based on incorrect information. Additionally, the need for you to validate and reconcile data from disparate systems is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Managing your risk and making smarter investment decisions

A big part of insurance is about managing and calculating risk. This is also the case with investment management. As a data-driven insurer, you’ll have all position data available across asset classes, and you can apply the same risk models to all data, enabling correct and consistent quantification of risks. As internal and external requirements for risk management continues to grow, we support you mitigate operational risk and reduce costs.