Investment management for the insurance industry

Benefit from a single consolidated solution through the front, middle and back offices.

Insurance investment managers, whether they are in-house with insurance companies or at specialized asset management firms, want to strategically support their organization’s success and contribute to growth. Challenges to these goals include complex regional and global regulations, such as Solvency II and NAIC, growth of multi asset strategies including alternatives, and increased reporting pressures.

Execute strategically with accurate and timely data

SimCorp Dimension gives insurance investment managers the ability to leverage their expertise and redesign how they execute investment management functions using a single integrated front-to-back solution. Integration, consolidation and availability of accurate and timely data from the front to the back offices, work together to eliminate operational efficiencies including resource-intensive reporting processes, error-prone manual work, and forecasting based on a specific accounting and regulatory framework.

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Insurance Investment Management

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More than 40 insurance firms worldwide have consolidated their investment operations with SimCorp


AXA Investment Managers on the IBOR’S front office benefits


In this webinar, learn how AXA Investment Managers are leveraging SimCorp’s IBOR to underpin their operating model and to unleash their front office.

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