Alternative investments for investment managers

Expanding asset class coverage

Invest in long-term alternatives

In a market where interest rates are declining, and are currently extremely low, investment managers are looking more towards investment in longer-term alternatives.

  • Wide asset coverage
  • Automated workflows
  • Scalable processes


Strategic focus

One of SimCorp’s strategic focus areas is alternative investments. Alternative investments differ markedly from traditional investments in fixed income, equities, and derivatives, and hence they put new demands on our clients’ operations and their operating models. To cater for this, SimCorp is investing to extend its solution to support investments in non-liquid assets that include infrastructure, private equity, real asset, hedge funds, and other investment opportunities.

Covering all asset classes

SimCorp continues to invest in expanding its asset class coverage within the SimCorp Dimension platform, and progress has been achieved within alternative investments and private debt. From a practical perspective, all asset classes can be modelled and handled within SimCorp Dimension’s IBOR. However, as particularly the area of alternative investments is a high-priority focus area for today’s investment managers, SimCorp will continue to develop asset class functionality in the years to come, ensuring a continued broad and deep asset class coverage.

Will Trout, Head of Wealth Management Research, Celent, explains the benefits of integrating your alternative assets on a consolidated platform.

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