Client Communications Manager

Satisfy client communications and reporting needs alike

Automate your client communication and reporting

Are you striving to enhance your client service, increase operational efficiency, and extend competitive advantage in your client communications offering? With a proven track record for delivering client reports and other client communications quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively, SimCorp’s award-winning client communications management solution is the automated online client report solution you need.

  • Award-winning
  • Standalone or integrated
  • Online and mobile


Deliver best-in-class service while reducing cost and maximizing efficiency

Designed by SimCorp Coric’s client reporting domain experts, SimCorp’s client communications solution applies best-practice methodologies to your entire end-to-end client communications management and report process. As a standalone offering or an integrated SimCorp Dimension solution, Client Communications Manager consists of SimCorp Coric Client Communications, which automates your entire end-to-end client report process, and SimCorp Coric Web Reporter, which, used in combination with the former, provides a self-service, online reporting and client communications generation tool.

Handle compliance with confidence and control

With SimCorp’s client communications solution, your entire automated client management and report process is fully audited to ensure transparency and compliance. The flexible process management toolset allows processes and jobs to be customized with precision and ease, to meet changing regulatory report requirements and standards.

Multi-channel report delivery

In print, online, or to a mobile device, the solution allows you to build and publish interactive documents and data online. Alternatively, a fully interactive portal environment can be created to further enrich client experience.

As part of our integrated or standalone offering, Client Communications Manager comes with:

Check mark iconAn automated platform for report book production: SimCorp Coric Client Communication

Check mark iconA self-service, online reporting portal: SimCorp Coric Web Reporter

Check mark iconA compelling business case that will help justify an automated client reporting project: ROI white paper

About SimCorp Coric

Your trusted choice for client communications and reporting

Choosing a client reporting system that will deliver value and longevity is not an easy task. According to our clients, these are the reasons why they chose SimCorp Coric, and they are happy to stand by that decision every day.

Gooadcre Award 2015

SimCorp Coric Wins Coveted Systems in the City Award for Best Client Reporting Solution 2015

14 July 2015 

SimCorp has been recognized for the outstanding quality and proven track record of its SimCorp Coric client communications and client reporting solution.

Read the press release

Wealth Briefing European Awards 2014 Award - SimCorp

SimCorp Coric Scoops Top Wealth Management Award for Second Year Running

15 May 2014 

Equipos Coric (now SimCorp Coric), the leading global client communications and client reporting solution, has been named ‘Best Front Office Solution’ for the second consecutive year at the WealthBriefing Awards 2014 ceremony in London.

Read the press release

Features Benefits
Automated client reporting Enhances client service and extends your competitive advantage
Cutting-edge client communications tools Enable your client services teams and relationship managers to spend more time engaging with clients than preparing reports
Online and mobile reporting with ad-hoc access and versatile self-service tools Provide flexibility, save time, and improve client experience. Ensure timely and accurate production of pitch books and client meeting packs. High net worth clients can view portfolios whenever and however they want to, via web browser or mobile device.
Client reporting process automation Delivers transparency, ensures disclosure, and records audit trails that support MIFID II, CRM2, KIID, and other regulations.
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