Investment Book of Record Manager

Improve your investment decisions

Increase your investment performance

To help you improve your investment performance, Investment Book of Record (IBOR) Manager gives your portfolio managers access to the data they need to support their investment decision making.

  • Cash positions and forecasting
  • Automation and real-time data
  • One version of the truth


Make informed decisions based on automation and accuracy

IBOR Manager provides you with accurate, timely and automated positions and cash information, helping you make informed investment decisions. Based on a ‘single source of truth’ of investment positions, IBOR Manager feeds your organization with data. Together with a flexible integration suite, you get the highest degree of investment management process automation in the industry.

Measure the impact of your investment decisions

IBOR Manager gives you up-to-date position data and incorporates position and cash forecasting. Because we incorporate the full business logic about asset classes, SimCorp Dimension provides you with up-to-date information in real-time about current, projected, and historical positions and cash for all events driving the position lifecycle for all asset classes. IBOR Manager offers an accurate view of your positions now and in the past, reflecting all events that have an impact on your positions and cash.

Leverage the IBOR front-to-back

We have designed SimCorp Dimension with an IBOR at its core, rather than a recent enhancement to satisfy market developments. IBOR Manager helps our clients realize their potential from day one. Built on a solid foundation of functional capabilities combined with value-added services, SimCorp Dimension maps directly to each and every phase of your buy-side investment processing.

An integrated solution

As part of our front office solutions, IBOR Manager offers:

Check mark icon A single source of truth from the front to back office

Check mark icon The ability to make informed decisions with the highest degree of automation and accuracy

Check mark icon Reliable up-to-date position data

There isn't a division in the firm that doesn't utilize the data from our IBOR, either directly or indirectly. If we hadn’t had an IBOR supporting our global growth strategy, I have no doubt that it would have cost more and taken longer to deliver.John Gregory, Global Chief Operating Officer at Ashmore
Features Benefits
One version of the truth of data across all asset classes Improves risk management and internal communication with firm-wide consolidated exposure view across all assets.
Automation Eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes and reduces the risk of making investment decisions based on incorrect data.
Multi-asset class support Faster time-to-market of new instruments in the front office and firm-wide view of consolidated exposure across all assets.
Intraday securities positions and forecasting Enables you to monitor the effect of investment decisions and take advantage of changing market situations.
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