Order Manager

Get trading flexibility and accuracy

Achieve broad and efficient support for your trading strategies

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, Order Manager provides you with all the tools you need to carry out your trading strategies quickly and efficiently.

  • Comprehensive
  • Flexible
  • Accurate


Act effectively and timely on investment opportunities

As an investment trader, you strive to effectively execute orders across all the asset classes that your organization trades in. Our Order Manager provides you with an intuitive and workflow-driven solution with a complete set of order-handling and execution capabilities, securing and supporting your competitive advantage.

Trade with confidence as your investment strategies and business expand

We have designed and continually enhance Order Manager on the basis of input from the most qualified source available: you the trader. As a result, our order management solution offers a single-click trading flow that supports accurate trading of increased order volumes and diverse investment strategies combined with real-time market data and comprehensive financial instrument support.

Try trading with a truly integrated OMS solution

With Order Manager, you can conduct electronic communication of orders and executions with the sell side without having to re-key data, which reduces errors and improves STP rates. Furthermore, integration with the leading third-party analytics and trade data providers enables delivery of real-time information directly at your fingertips.

As a fully integrated part of our Front Office Suite, Order Manager offers:

Check mark icon Immediate overview and insight through a user-friendly interface

Check mark icon Streamlined workflows and flexible algorithm selection

Check mark icon Scalable trading strategies and transactions without corresponding cost increase

Placing trades via FIX to execute broker algos directly from the SimCorp Dimension Order Manager blotter is quick and easy. We now have Tier-1 broker strategies embedded into our core STP order execution and post-trade processes, so there is no real need for other equity EMSs. Our traders can effectively execute increasing volumes this way, leaving them more time to work illiquid or special stocks.Per Møller, Global Head of Trading, Nordea Investment Management
Features Benefits
Single screen user interface An immediate overview and insight in an easy-to-navigate environment
Automated broker algorithm capability Flexibility to select and access algorithms when placing orders
Integration with EMS systems, FIX providers, counterparties, and other intermediaries Swift and accurate order workflows
Streamlined trading processes and workflows Reduced error rates, time, and costs as manual processes are minimized
Scales with your business requirements More trading strategies and transactions without a corresponding increase in costs
Covers virtually all listed security types Flexibility and accuracy when trading
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Order Manager

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, Order Manager provides you with all the tools you need to carry out your trading strategies quickly and efficiently.

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