SimCorp Coric Client Communications

Prepare reports easily, timely, and automatically

Anytime, anywhere access and self-service custom report delivery

SimCorp Coric Client Communications allows you to define, schedule, produce, and distribute report books to numerous recipients in multiple output formats. The solution is used in combination with SimCorp Coric Web Reporter.

Deliver best-in-class custom online reporting

Offering you an unprecedented, integrated platform for report book production, SimCorp Coric Client Communications allows you to design, schedule, and produce brochure-quality report books that can be sent to your stakeholders in multiple output formats and through different distribution channels – even mobile devices. Manage your entire client, fund, management, and regulatory report production process, from data generation to report delivery, in one place with efficiency and confidence.

Key Benefits

Check mark icon Allows for effective data sourcing and manipulation

Check mark icon Automates your business-critical processes

Check mark icon Facilitates layout design and maintenance by non-technical users

Check mark icon Enables you to personalize, produce, and distribute brochure-quality reports

Check mark icon Provides client online access to valuations and report books

Check mark icon Includes multiple languages, multiple formats, and multiple delivery mechanisms

Check mark icon Reduced implementation time with quick-start implementation packages

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