Client reporting and communications

Why SimCorp Coric client reporting and communications?

The SimCorp Coric platform helps investment managers improve client experience by accurately and consistently communicating with clients while reducing the operational burden associated with producing frequent high-quality client reports, presentations and pitchbooks.

Guarantee faster, tailored and accurate communications for a better client experience

  • SimCorp Coric’s standardized automated workflows and out-of-the box templates are designed with built-in validation, audits and sign-offs to minimize delays and the risk of inaccurate communications.
  • Your sales, client services and business development teams can customize presentations within the boundaries set by compliance and marketing teams. This empowers your users to proactively provide clients with on demand reports, as well as respond to ad-hoc requests faster.

Free up time for more client interactions and to seize new opportunities, wherever they arise

  • If you, like others, are looking to expand distribution channels rapidly into new geographies, our automated workflows deliver the agility you need to respond quickly to new opportunities wherever they arise and via any device of your choice.

Reduce operational complexity while driving scalability and automation

  • Adding new clients or mandates doesn’t mean you have to increase IT overhead and costs. SimCorp Coric’s single platform serves as an enterprise-wide hub connecting all sources of data. It handles exceptions and removes the need for manual reconciliation between disparate systems, teams or business units, allowing you to scale your client engagement infrastructure as you grow.

Watch the SimCorp Coric solution in action


Who will benefit from SimCorp Coric?

Chief Marketing Officers

  • Facilitate brand consistency across all communications
  • Enable customization of communications while keeping on-message
  • Safeguard against reputational risks resulting from inaccurate reports and communications

Client Relationship Manager

  • Ensure frequent and accurate communication beyond times of crisis
  • Drive client growth and retention with differentiated experience
  • Enrich customer interactions with tailored communications

Head of Digital Transformation/Change Manager

  • Support a digital-first cloud strategy
  • Fast track innovation in customer experience
  • Improve operational efficiency with legacy platform consolidation

Client Reporting Manager

  • Automate workflows for data preparation, audits and sign-offs
  • Meet ad hoc requests while Increasing reporting frequency

Head of IT

  • Scale to support new clients and mandates
  • Improve operational efficiency with legacy platform consolidation
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