Managed Application Services

Streamline your application configuration

Managed Application Services helps you to maintain and enhance your SimCorp Dimension configuration as well as its integration and reporting layer. Two categories of services co-exist:

Configuration Maintenance and Enhancement

  1. Application Configuration Maintenance helps you keep your SimCorp Dimension system, interfaces and reports configuration in good shape to give you uninterrupted daily operations on the same functional scope.
  2. Application Configuration Enhancement helps you reduce time and effort in enhancing your SimCorp Dimension system, interfaces and reports configuration in line with business requirements to ensure a cost and time effective consumption of new functional scope.


 Increases predictability in total cost of ownership and get a flat cost structure

 Gives timely access to skilled resources and SimCorp’s best practices

 Keeps system, interfaces and reports configuration in mint conditions 

 Reduces legacy-driven complexity for effortless adoption and use of new features

 Meets rising demand for new instruments, workflows and IT efficiency without the need to acquire additional staff

 Redirects your resources from ongoing application management to business innovation


Application configuration maintenance

Application Configuration Maintenance service ensures uninterrupted daily operations by providing you with a “lean and mean” application management delivering the most value of SimCorp Dimension day after day.

The service helps you align business requirements with SimCorp standard solutions and reduces legacy driven complexity for easy adoption and consumption of new features. 

It also eliminates pains like high legacy maintenance costs, lack of resources and competencies and costly maintenance process. 

Application configuration enhancement

Application Configuration Enhancement focuses on enhancing and optimizing business operations to achieve your strategic objectives and create value through systematic innovation.

It gives you access to competencies at the forefront of the latest releases and provides guidance to how best to acquire and consume new available functions and processes.

How it works

The service consists of a one-time onboarding service and an on-going service delivery.

When you start your subscription, we’ll define the objectives of the dedicated process and align Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to the delivery plan uniquely designed for you. Once the KPIs are agreed, we’ll sign-off the transition into the on-going service delivery.

In the on-going service delivery phase, there is a set of daily activities to execute development and necessary changes to support new features and updates from the external platforms to ensure business continuity.

Our CNP Assurances Users Support, fully provided by SimCorp, is mainly characterized by reactivity and reliability. Since the service initiation, 2 years ago, the multiples KPIs have always been in line with the requirements and the users are fully satisfied with the service providedRémi Desmichels, Head of Asset Management Projects, CNP Assurances

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