Managed Business & Data Services

Make it easy to run SimCorp Dimension.

Managed Business & Data Services is a stack of services designed to remove complexity from your shoulders by performing certain repetitive tasks on your behalf.

It provides “out-tasking” of dedicated business, data sourcing or IT process activities to simplify your SimCorp Dimension monitoring and optimization.

Two categories of services co-exist:

Selected Business Services and Data Services

  1. With Business Services, SimCorp performs on your behalf routine activities related to specific and selected business processes in your operation model.
  2. Data Services performs on your behalf, data management activities related to the maintenance and update of static, market and corporate action data.


 Increases predictability in total cost of ownership and get a flat cost structure

 Gives timely access to skilled resources and SimCorp’s best practices

 Provides an efficient and scalable delivery model with defined governance and established responsibilities using the RACI matrix

 Improves decision making with better quality and accurate data

 Ensures quality and timeliness of daily operations and reduces operational risk

 Improves employee satisfaction by redirecting your resources from routine tasks to business innovation


Selected Business Services

The purpose of these services is to fill the consumption gap of activities taken on by you today because there is no other alternative. With these customized offerings, we give you the option to ‘out-task’ business services to allow you to focus on your investment management core business.

Examples of selected business services:

  • Portfolio Reconciliation and Update Service
  • Accounting and End-of-Period Service
  • Fund Administration Service
  • Pre-and Post-Trade Compliance Service
  • Risk Management Service
  • Performance Measurement Service

Data Services

Managed Data Service helps clients automate and enhance the data exchange and interface between external sources and SimCorp Dimension, to balance fast and efficient operations with low risk high quality data.

By enabling benefits such as automated checks for updates, quality and fast and timely management of changes, against a formally structured process and common data dictionary and by eliminating pains such as poor data quality, lack of resources and competencies resulting in an inefficient data governance process, compromising the quality and timeliness of daily operations.

Learn more about our datacare services

How it works

The service consists of a one-time onboarding service and an on-going service delivery.

When you start your subscription, we define the objectives of the dedicated business or data processes and align Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to the delivery plan uniquely designed for you. Once the KPIs are agreed, we sign-off the transition into the on-going service delivery.

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