Focus on your core business and make your operations run smoothly

In the Operation phase, we help you focus on your core business by ensuring the optimal operation of SimCorp Dimension – making your day-to-day business as easy as possible and freeing up your people to focus on value generating tasks.

Through our Operation services, you will:

  • Optimize operations through global SimCorp best-practices
  • Benefit from value-adding knowledge transfer
  • Leverage our expert support to free up your own resources

The operation of your SimCorp Dimension application is key to day-to-day business. However, making sure it runs smoothly in a constantly changing world is not part of your core business – and nor should it be.

In the Operation phase of our life-cycle services, we make your day-to-day operations as easy as possible by enabling you to focus on your core business. We can assist you with all parts of your operations – from optimizing your system’s performance and training end-users to helping you through your system upgrades. Of course, should you not want to worry about operations at all, SimCorp Dimension as a Service allows you to let SimCorp take care of everything, so you can focus completely on growing your business.

Enterprise Assistance

Enterprise Assistance supports your strategic goals and KPIs through an aligned service delivery plan that is tailor-made to your needs. In close collaboration with us, your organization will develop the capabilities it needs to prevent potential business-critical issues from occurring by assessing risks, remediating, educating, and improving processes.

Our Enterprise Assistance consists of three overarching elements. You can customize the specific content of each element to suit your business needs:

  1. Assess risk:
    1. Application risk
    2. Infrastructure risk
    3. Organizational risk
  2. Improve operation:
    1. Check-up, remediation, and recovery execution
    2. Roles and knowledge management
    3. SimCorp operating framework
    4. New process evaluation and change
  3. Build knowledge:
    1. End user eLearning
    2. Business user education
    3. Operations and Release workshops

System Performance

Your IT system relies on multiple layers of infrastructure and each is critical to your investment management activities. For SimCorp Dimension to perform at a high level, the infrastructure layers must work in parallel.

Today, it is common for IT infrastructure layers to be dealt with in isolation, with issues popping up on a case-by-case basis. This wastes valuable time trying to identify root causes. Even if it seems everything is functioning perfectly at each layer, the impact on business performance and end users could be quite different, due to weak interlayer performance.

System Performance service can help

With our System Performance service, we make it possible to achieve system performance transparency with single cross-layer monitoring. This enables you to check inter-layer performance and gain an overview of issues that may exist, enabling you to deal with them before they turn into bottlenecks. With the SimCorp System Performance service you:

  • Will have a transparent view across the entire infrastructure
  • Can identify the most dominant bottlenecks
  • Receive precise recommendations for optimizing interaction between layers
  • Maximize SimCorp Dimension performance


Ensuring your SimCorp Dimension system operates smoothly is critical to your business. However, resolving any subsequent system issues can be labor intensive and time-consuming tasks, often requiring extensive system expertise.

SimCorp Support services help you solve any system issues quickly and efficiently, and give you the maximum benefit of SimCorp Dimension’s functionality. The services also give you an opportunity to leverage our specialists’ business insight, unmatched platform knowledge, and global expertise.

SimCorp offers three levels of Support services:

With reactive support you have ‘first-line’ access to expert business consultants and a dedicated 24-hour online portal and telephone hotline

With extended support you also get work-through of business critical issues and 24/5 support of SimCorp Dimension’s Front Office Suite

24 X 524 X 5
With 24x5 support you have global access to support experts whenever and where ever required, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week


Upgrade SimCorp Dimension

Every firm is different when it comes to integrations, configurations, organizations, investment structures, and data. Updating the IT system requires many resources and specialty knowledge – something few have available in-house.

SimCorp’s Upgrade services will help ensure your annual upgrade process runs smoothly. Having SimCorp’s unrivalled expertise on hand means you are free to focus on your core business, while at the same time reducing the natural risks and cost of upgrading your system.

Our Upgrade process follows four steps developed through our global best practice:

  1. Workshop
    The first phase of the upgrade process maps your current process flows, to use as input to the full upgrade service in subsequent stages
  2. Validation and Test
    The second phase of the upgrade process focuses on validating and testing your system, to ensure smooth business operations after the upgrade
  3. Upgrade Deployment
    The third phase of the upgrade process entails the technical system upgrading, which is done remotely by our upgrade team, ensuring a smooth transition and reduced strain on your organization
  4. Incident and Problem Management
    In the fourth, and last, phase of the upgrade process, on-site SimCorp experts solves any minor system issues so you can focus on your core business and enjoy using an optimized and upgraded SimCorp Dimension system


We start every upgrade project by mapping your current system and process flows. This enables us to create a roadmap for the stages in the upgrade project ahead. Using our comprehensive system expertise, we match your system against our industry best-practices. This ensures your upgrade process is as smooth and fast as possible, while reducing the risks and cost.

2. Validation and Test

Our Validation and Test Service tests your system to ensure smooth business operations after an upgrade as well as freeing your alpha-generating people to focus on future growth opportunities.

With our Validation and Test Service, clients usually experience a 60% or more reduction in reported service requests after the upgrade. The service also increases the chance of a smooth transition to new versions and reduces costs through our strong execution process.

Our Validation and Test service ensures your annual SimCorp Dimension upgrade runs smoothly by applying industry best practices and a wealth of experience based on:

  • 35+ recurring clients
  • 150+ validation deliveries globally

Hear how SimCorp’s Validation and Test service has helped BlueBay Asset Management save time and reduce cost with each upgrade.

Validation and test webinar with Unigestion

3. Upgrade Deployment

By increasing predictability in upgrade-related transition periods and keeping costs at a minimum compared to traditional onsite assistance, our Upgrade Deployment service reduces the risk and cost of a mismanaged upgrade weekend.

When your employees leave work on Friday, we are fully prepared with a team of technical experts, developers, and business analysts ensuring your system upgrade is in good hands.

By increasing predictability and keeping cost down compared to on-site assistance, remote upgrade service smoothens transitions to new versions and reduces strain on your organization.


4. Incident and Problem Management

Even minor system issues can impact your business after an upgrade. This makes Incident and Problem Management stressful and very time consuming and can affect cost efficiency in the last phase of the upgrade process.

Our Incident and Problem Management service enables you to outsource these functions to our experts, leveraging a high degree of system competency, while reducing costs to ensure:

  • Lower operational risk due to effective and efficient problem solving
  • Reduced cost with the opportunity to tailor service levels to budget
  • Minimized stress on the organization through access to SimCorp experts

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