Collateral Manager for risk management

Take full control of your collateral management practices to reduce operational risk.

Reduce operational risk and manual workflows

As a collateral manager, you know that volatility in today’s financial markets, increased trading volumes, complex instrument types and uncertainty about the credit environment have heightened awareness of counterparty credit risk. This has made collateralization of exposure a top priority for banks and investment firms.

To help reduce operational risk, our Collateral Manager software allows you measure credit exposure and optimize collateralization. As a integral part of your internal risk management practices, the software provides a high-level view on positions including real-time margin call functionality.

The collateral management software solution offers:

  • Strong credit and operational risk management
  • Automated workflows
  • Secure electronic management of margin calls
  • Collateral monitoring
  • Handle cross-product collateralization and operational risk with confidence

Collateral Management in the Front Office

Joshua Q. Israel Satten, Director Fintech Practice, Sapient, explains why collateral management has become important in the front office.

With Collateral Manager, you get real-time calculation of margin requirements, support for the collateral processes, and an online position-view of available and eligible collateral. You can monitor margin call results, the current status of each call including dispute tracking, and settlement status of collateral trades. This gives you a comprehensive overview and saves you valuable time.

With our risk management software, you have all the relevant information gathered in one system. And, with an integrated system design, you profit from an easy and cost-efficient collateral management process. Collateral Manager provides you all the relevant information in one system so you can assess financial investments and make strategic decisions.

Control your collateral management

With our collateral management solution, you benefit from a complete overview of your collateral, market positions, transactions, margin call conditions, eligible and available positions, and upcoming corporate action events. You can enter collateral transactions with a few clicks, and once a transaction is saved, it is immediately available for assessment. If you experience disputes, you can monitor the status and ensure they are investigated and resolved quickly.

Manage margin call and recall

You can assess margin calls and automatically release the margin call notification to the counterparty including a file of the portfolio trades. Furthermore, you can get automatic reporting to support your margin calls for securities and loans and repo transactions, with the opportunity to base the margin call calculation on assumed or actual settlement.

Leverage automation and efficient workflows

As part of our integrated asset management software, Collateral Manager offers:

  • Reduced costs with collateral block trades
  • Growth opportunities through access and capacity to do more trades


Features Benefits
Integrated system design Reduces operational risk with all the relevant information gathered and accessible in one system.
Automated workflows for standard processes Minimizes manual error and costs.
Collateral block trades Reduces the number of transactions required and saves you costs.
Online position-view and real-time margin call calculation Reduces the time spent on collateral management.
Access to more trades and to trades that involve a higher risk Facilitates growth as risk is effectively managed.
Reduced credit charges Increases your competitiveness through lower deal pricing
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Collateral Manager

To help mitigate operational risk, our Collateral Manager software allows you measure credit exposure and optimize collateralization. The solution offers you an online position view as well as real-time margin call functionality.

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