Maximize your return on investment with SimCorp Standard Platforms

Learn about SimCorp Standard Platforms, our new standardized delivery approach that can support your long-term value drivers.

Buy-side firms operate in a constantly evolving business environment, where new challenges arise with short notice. To help you adapt swiftly, we’ve developed SimCorp Standard Platforms™. The objective is to optimize your operations and maximize your return on investment during the entire lifecycle of your new investment management solution.

We’ve consolidated a wealth of knowledge from 200+ client engagements across the globe into standardized functionalities and workflows, allowing for more “out of the box” solutions to reduce implementation time, risk and cost. SimCorp Standard Platforms delivers standard components, processes and methodologies that are integrated into the delivery model of SimCorp Dimension so that you can get up and running and benefit faster from your new investment management solution.

Thanks to the standard corporate actions configuration used for this project, implementation took a few weeks, rather than months.Rene Kuil, Senior Portfolio Manager, PGGM Investments

The four key elements of SimCorp Standard Platforms

SimCorp Standard Platforms is a new way to get started with SimCorp Dimension. It speeds up implementation time through a combination of standard workflows, components, technical design, and documentation, while still offering customization where required. The building blocks can be divided into four key elements:

  1. A target operating model for firms to use as a starting point, covering the entire investment value chain front to back (front office, risk and performance, investment book of record, multi-framework accounting, data management and reporting) with multi-assets support including alternative investments.
  2. Predefined standard business processes as a recommended baseline for the system deployment providing high business value in your daily operations from start to end.
  3. Standard solution components delivered centrally and ensuring a fast delivery so that you can already trial it quickly.
  4. An opportunity for you to add customizations on top for specific areas where it creates high business value.

Four key elements of SimCorps standard platform

Key benefits of SimCorp Standard Platforms

SimCorp Standard Platforms creates the best of both worlds for investment managers. You can customize where it creates high business value and take advantage of standardization where there is little value from being unique. The standard platform solutions, based on SimCorp Dimension, are pre-built and completed on-site by SimCorp Professional Services.

1. Benefits during the pre-contract and planning stages

  • Shape the business operating model with a focus on long-term value drivers
  • Scope for certainties based on a fit and gap analysis versus our recommended baseline, using industry taxonomy
  • Optimize scope and delivery plan

2. Benefits during the implementation stage

  • Accelerate delivery for faster benefits realization and reduced costs
  • Define agile delivery drops and staff responsibilities to increase quality
  • Involve end-users earlier for risk mitigation and easier solution adoption

3. Benefits during the monitoring and optimization stages

  • Shorten time to value of new capabilities
  • Smoother release upgrade and client support
  • Prevent legacy configuration at any time
  • Ease absorption of regulatory and business changes
We have selected SimCorp Dimension for its extensive front office functionality, its proven track record in automating asset managers’ operations, and its ability to deliver a faster-to-market standard platform.Isabel Levy, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, and Founder of METROPOLE Gestion
Learn how our new “out of the box” solutions can help you find efficiency gains and improve profitability.

A guide for Chief Technology Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Project Managers and Consultants/Advisors.


Hear more about SimCorp Standard Platforms from Klaus Holse, CEO of SimCorp, and Lars Moestrup, Vice President of Global Consulting at SimCorp.

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