Customer Application and Platform Services

Customer Application and Platform Services operate all the application management and platform duties related to SimCorp Dimension, SimCorp Client Communications and SimCorp Market & Reference Data Management solutions in accordance with industry best practices to increase resiliency and efficiency of your organization.

We offer a delivery model, where you can outtask these activities and leave the operational hassle and risk to us so you can focus on your core business. Our approach is based on standardizing the way the solutions operate, which is key in obtaining the full benefit of a cloud service or managed operations-based environment.

By applying our standard delivery model and unique insights, we make it easier for you to get access to the value of your SimCorp solutions and help you kick start your cloud journey.

Moving core IT platform and data management capabilities to the cloud

The subsidiary of Norway’s largest pension fund, KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS (KLP) was faced with the challenge of applying more internal IT resources to maintain the operations of their increasingly complex and large applications in-house, or out-task these activities to allow them to focus on their core business and respond faster to new market opportunities.

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We provide you with full application and platform support combining both functional and technical deep expertise

Configuration management automation
Focuses on transporting and documenting all your change requests to production by working with lead time for continuous delivery. You remain responsible to develop the configuration areas that makes you unique and differentiates our business from your peers.

Continuous testing execution
Enables you to upgrade more frequently, faster, and with less effort thanks to our continuous testing framework, automation and machine learning efficient incident management, code-based regression testing and extended system integration testing.

Customer care management
Provides integrated products support, end-user assistance and continuous learning programs for faster adoption of your SimCorp solutions.

Database management
Ensures that the databases used to underpin SimCorp products are operated, maintained, upgraded, and patched according to SimCorp recommendations.

Release and deployment management all upgrade packages can be tracked, installed and verified, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the release package.

Batch processing management
Lets you execute a series of jobs without manual intervention across the application, infrastructure and technologies deployed to support the entire business processing.

Preventive maintenance
Improves performance, eases operations and reduces operational incidents and storage.

Platform and environment management
Ensures that the underlying technology platform and SimCorp’s software is implemented, configured, operated, upgraded and patched according to SimCorp standards, customer business operation and processing requirements and aligned with the SimCorp software release cycles.

Infrastructure management
Offers you the possibility to run your SimCorp solutions in the public or private cloud. We have partnered with IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure trusted cloud technologies to accelerate your business transformation and deliver outstanding customer experience.

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