SimCorp Gain Security Master

Why SimCorp Gain Security Master?

SimCorp Gain Security Master centralizes and simplifies the management of all securities reference data accumulated through your operations, providing financial institutions with a single source of truth for all reference data queries. With SimCorp Gain Security Master, you can be confident that your securities reference data is accurate before it reaches your downstream systems.

Empower your business end-users with fast access to trusted data

  • Through intuitive web dashboards and APIs, SimCorp Gain Security Master empowers your teams with fast access to validated and consistent securities reference data ready to be used in decision-making processes..
  • Through exception-based processing, strict controls, and validation rules, the application guarantees data quality from the moment a new security is created in the system.
  • Data quality checks are fully automated, with priority-based task management rules, helping your team to focus on the most urgent tasks first.
  • Intuitive monitoring dashboards provide full transparency on current operations and team workload.

Establish a robust data governance framework with complete control and oversight

  • With SimCorp Gain Security Master, you get a single source of truth for all your instrument, entity, classifications, identifiers, ratings, exchanges and calendar data, with a proven and fully maintained data model.
  • With transparent data processes and end-to-end data lineage, SimCorp Gain Security Master gives you complete control and oversight of your data, allowing you to track back what has happened at any point in time.
  • Role-based configurations and out-of-the-box support for four-eye approval workflows ensure a robust data governance framework for all aspects of your securities reference data management operations.

Maximize efficiency, reduce operational risk and increase your business agility

  • By centralizing and simplifying your data management operations, SimCorp Gain Security Master ensures maximum operational efficiency for reduced risk and ongoing cost savings.
  • Unlike toolkit approaches, SimCorp Gain Security Master is a fully productized business application with extensive functionality provided out-of-the-box. This helps to ensure that custom developments are kept to a minimum, resulting in faster projects, quick ROI and increased business agility.
  • Our graphical user interface ensures effortless customizations. Adding new data elements can be done in a few clicks by a business user, removing the reliance on specialist IT resources to roll out changes, such as incorporating ESG ratings.
  • Fully maintained interfaces to all major data vendors ensure effortless data source integration, giving your project an accelerated start.

We wanted to move towards SaaS to help us modernize our current landscape. SimCorp Gain in the Cloud was the best choice for us because it has the best-in-class data management capabilities, productized adaptors to data feeds, and seamless integration with SimCorp Dimension Tore Hjorth, Business CIO at KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS

Who will benefit from SimCorp Gain Security Master?


  • Reduce risk through improved quality control processes
  • Maximize operational efficiency through increased automation
  • Enable business growth with a fully scalable platform
  • Empower business-end users and reduce the reliance on specialist IT resources
  • Lower your TCO with a productized and maintained data management solution
  • Establish a key foundation of your digital journey with a fully scalable data management platform delivered in the cloud

CDO/Head of Data Management

  • Get a single source of truth for securities reference data across the entire organization
  • Ensure vendor data compliance and optimize data costs
  • Get fast access to trusted data with a centrally managed governance model
  • Centralize and simplify the usage of data across the organization
  • Ability to meet growing data demands with a flexible data platform
  • Establish a key foundation of your digital journey with a fully scalable data management platform delivered in the cloud

Reference Data / Data Management Team Lead

  • Increase automation with high STP rates
  • Enable self-service for internal business teams
  • Manage higher data volumes with the same number of resources
  • Enable business expansion through out of the box asset type coverage
  • Reduce data costs through smarter rules and improved access to more data sources
  • Reduce risk through robust and flexible quality control checks
  • Reduce the dependency on specialist IT resources
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