Integrated solutions

Get best-in-class across one system

Streamline your investment portfolio management

The investment management industry is complex. Our system helps you simplify it.

Get seamless integration across your entire investment management solution no matter your industry, geography or asset class preferences. SimCorp Dimension® supports you every step of the way.

Start how you want, one at a time or all at once

The journey to a fully integrated system is not achieved overnight. With SimCorp Dimension you can choose the combination of solutions that fit your requirements today and steadily scale along the way. This allows you to gradually and smoothly consolidate systems and start realizing benefits right away.

A suite of managers to support your needs

At your firm, operations rests in the hands of different people serving distinct roles. This is why we’ve built SimCorp Dimension in role-based components so that all your job functions are covered, from the front-to-back office. We call these components “Managers” because they refer to the role they support within your company.

Benefits of an integrated front-to-back solution

Improve Icon SimCorp IMPROVE – Your decision making with a single source of truth

Enter Icon SimCorp ENTER – New markets no matter your global operating model

Automate Icon SimCorp 52x54 AUTOMATE – Your reporting, processes and workflows

Integrate Icon SimCorp INTEGRATE – Your front, middle and back offices

Gain Icon SimCorpGAIN – An overview of past, present and future positions and exposures

Compete Icon SimCorp COMPLETE – Post-trade processing in real time

Enhance Icon SimCorp ENHANCE – Cross-organizational risk assessment and compliance

Ensure Icon SimCorp ENSURE – Accurate, timely, and up-to-date data

Your data is always backed by an IBOR

Data is a vital element in today’s competitive landscape. A built-in investment book of record (IBOR) lies at the heart of SimCorp Dimension, ensuring that everyone at your company draws from the same set of data, providing one version of the truth.

With an IBOR as the foundation of your entire solution, you’ll get transparency, a clear audit trail and the ability to make more informed investment decisions. Furthermore, you no longer need to manually consolidate, reconcile, and reformat data from a variety of different sources.

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