Improve investment decision making and increase growth

Do you have access to timely, accurate and complete data about positions and exposures?

Emerging asset classes, increasingly complex investment strategies, more regulation and increasing data volumes – today’s challenges place unprecedented pressure on investment firms and the data they use to act on.

Until now, many have had to contend with data from multiple sources supplying numerous investment systems at different times. This often leads to inaccurate and incomplete data and, in turn, suboptimal decision making across your organization.

To avoid this inefficiency, why not make the move to an investment book of record (IBOR)? An IBOR helps you centralize intraday positions across all asset classes into a “golden copy” and make it available across your organization, front-to-back.


Read on to discover how an IBOR:

  • Helps you onboard clients faster and differentiate your product and service offering
  • Improves investment decision making and eliminates error-prone manual work-arounds
  • Can be implemented in five ways depending on your needs – without having to replace your existing IT infrastructure

The value of an IBOR – the brain of an organization

Joshua Q. Israel Satten, Director Fintech Practice, Sapient, explains that the value of an IBOR for a financial institution is vast and multi-faceted because– front, middle and back – as it works as the single source of data and truth across the organization.


An IBOR helps solve data challenges at all levels of your organization

Portfolio management

Do you make investment decisions based on incomplete and outdated positions and cash data?
Optimizing your investment processes depends on having access to the best possible data. Today, lack of real-time data may be limiting your investment performance.

Currently, most systems provide start-of-day data, which is restricted by the time-consuming manual updates and synchronizations needed to determine positions and exposure. Not only that, but start-of-day fails to provide an accurate overview of positions throughout the day.

Improve investment decision making with real-time positions data

With an investment book of record you can access accurate, real-time data that is updated continuously for market and investment events. This will allow you to make more informed investment decisions and reduce the time you spend on managing imperfect data. As a result, you will be able to spend more time managing your portfolio and less time managing your data.

Compliance, risk and performance

Are you confident in your positions data at all times?

Increased regulatory demands make it more important than ever to know your exposure throughout the day.

Transparency is crucial, but traditional systems fail to deliver positions in a timely manner and rarely include adjustments from events such as corporate actions and cash flows. This leads to unnecessary risks, imprecise forecasts and prevents immediate interventions when needed.

The reliable way to spend more time analyzing and less time managing data

An integrated, real-time system can provide accurate, complete and high-quality data to significantly improve risk processes. A reliable platform such as an investment book of record gives you access to better data whenever you need it. It will also enable you to deliver reports faster and ensure you have more time to spend on analysis.

Accounting and operations management

Is outdated data affecting your investment processing?

Having to combine data from a multitude of sources can prove challenging. This complexity increases further if your firm operates in overlapping time zones, making it difficult to provide optimal real-time data. The result is time-consuming communication between front office and asset servicing functions, as well as avoidable error-prone manual workarounds.

All this could be avoided with real-time, high-quality data that provides updates and relevant reporting across your organization around the globe.

Ad hoc reporting updates whenever and wherever you need them

Ensuring you have real-time, high-quality data to generate ad hoc reporting updates will enable you to provide higher service levels globally and optimize your time. All this is possible with an investment book of record.

IT and data management

Are you spending your time managing fragmented data from multiple sources?

These solutions are associated with high risks and reduce the possibilities to scale IT support. On top of this, data demands continue whether due to product launches or regulatory changes. Dedicated platforms for each activity often result in fragmentation, which further increases complexity.

Meet positions data demands with one integrated platform

What you need is a platform capable of providing accurate, complete and timely data from one integrated platform. That’s exactly what you will experience with an investment book of record.


Does your firm really have a global view of your positions and regulatory compliance?

Today, firms must function as unified organizations with a single view of operations and be able to react to market changes quickly. The key to realizing this is real-time cash and positions data.

Track your firm's performance in real-time

An investment book of record is the most reliable way to optimize your investment decisions and establish a cross-firm overview of positions and exposure, thus enabling you to track your firm’s performance in real-time.
Research Report
Reporting Exposure: The Power of an IBOR

A market shifting event can happen at any time. How quickly can your organization extract exposure information? See how an IBOR can help you manage risk.

Is your IBOR complete?

Find out if it fulfills all 10 requirements of an advanced IBOR solution

IBOR infograph

Learn more about the 10 requirements

White paper
Find out what an IBOR can do for you - it's simpler than you think.

Learn how an investment book of record (IBOR) helps you on a daily basis to improve focus on your core business and provide the foundation for innovation and the ability to tap into new growth opportunities.

Improve investment decision making with SimCorp's award-winning IBOR

SimCorp’s investment book of record meets all 10 requirements that constitute an advanced IBOR solution. Its ability to integrate across front, middle and back office ensures you can gain a complete overview of your operations, while providing you with the reliable, event adjusted and up-to-date positions data you need to make more informed investment decisions.

By freeing up key resources to focus on the core of your business, SimCorp’s IBOR increases your potential to exploit new growth opportunities.


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How to get started with an investment book of record

An investment book of record can be implemented in five ways, so there is bound to be an option to suit your needs - without having to replace your existing IT infrastructure. Our Solution Paper explains each in detail:

  1. Introduce an IBOR into the infrastructure as a stand-alone component.
  2. Extend accounting or operations infrastructure to include an IBOR.
  3. Extend front office infrastructure to include an IBOR.
  4. Outsource your IBOR requirements to a third party provider.
  5. Merge your front office and operations infrastructure into one integrated front-to-back office system with an IBOR.

Take the first step in maximizing your organization’s investment potential and achieve a more effective, efficient and simplified system infrastructure.