Risk Mitigation

Identify and control operational risk levels with our Risk Analysis Manager

Our Risk Analysis Manager enables you to access and mitigate potential operational risk. With it, your organization can identify and develop a comprehensive risk assessment process that meets the needs of today's regulation requirements.

Resources to help you meet demands for financial risk management

Clients and regulators continue to demand transparency in financial and operational risk. Our Risk Analysis Manager provides comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation across your entire organization.

Risk Analysis Manager supports your risk management practices with software, methods, and measurements from value at risk (VaR) modeling, stress scenario testing, credit default stress testing, and multi-factor risk modeling to pre- and post-trade compliance and more, so you can measure, mitigate and reduce risk as demands grow.

A scalable and flexible strategy as you grow your business

With our risk management solution, you can continue to perform health checks on internal, client, and regulatory reporting, as well as provide complete transparency of the data and underlying calculations as you expand your business. Our software is adaptable, so you can reconcile the unyielding demand for growth with the requirement to reduce risk.

Assess risk and performance analytics in the front office

With SimCorp’s integrated management solutions, you get an immediate overview of all relevant performance and risk ratios, updates to all activity intra-day, drill-down to the underlying data, what-if analysis, and pre- and post-trade compliance safety checks, plus orders to the trading desk and monitors as they become executed. It includes everything portfolio and system managers need to access operational risk and make the most effective investment decisions.

Identify and control threats before they occur

Our Risk Analysis Manager includes:

Check mark iconAnalysis of all operational risk factors with automated risk calculation and reporting capabilities

Check mark iconFull control of the risk factors and a broad range of risk models and key ratios

Check mark iconComputation of pre-trade limits and post-trade risk with full transparency of the data and underlying calculations

Check mark iconMSCI RiskMetrics plug-in solution

Features Benefits
Specific risk ratio coverage Improved decision-making with overview of risk key ratios from multiple perspectives
Automated risk calculation and reporting capabilities Manual processes can be replaced by value-adding risk factor analysis
Decomposition of risk calculations and modeling Transparency in all your risk models, data inputs, and calculations
In-sourcing of market key risk ratios In-house or third-party risk modeling provides more flexibility
Pre- and post-trade risk compliance Ability to compute pre-trade limits and post-trade risk calculations
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Risk Analysis Manager

The Risk Analysis Manager is designed to help you meet increasing demands for transparency in operational risk management. It will help you identify and mitigate potential problems with efficiency and confidence.

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