Why SimCorp Datacare?

Far too often, the advantage that reliable and accurate data can provide is undermined by the reality of the effort in administrating it. But not with SimCorp Datacare. Here are just a few ways SimCorp Datacare can help you unleash the full value of your reference and market data.

Ensure you have the agility to seize new opportunities

  • SimCorp Datacare ensures your reference and market data is always clean, accurate, timely and ready to use when new opportunities surface. Based on an always-on cloud infrastructure, SimCorp Datacare offers an optimized way to find alpha, scale your business and facilitate your firm’s wider digital transformation.
  • Delivered when needed and governed by strict SLA’s, it frees up your data teams from mundane tasks, empowering them to seek out value in data by focusing on outcomes rather than processes.
  • Our dedicated change management capacity gives you the ability to respond quickly to new investment opportunities as and when they arise.

Give your teams access to specialist knowledge that turns data into insight

  • The power of Datacare is in our dedicated advisory service, where specialists in a whole range of asset strategies and data types help you stay on top of industry, regulatory and market changes, including considerations for ESG investing.
  • Our specialist data advisors form an extension of your team and will help you fast track insights from new datasets.

Helps you weather any change or crisis with an efficient and scalable data operation

  • New regulation, investment mandates and increased market volatility inevitably means more data, processing, operational risks, key-person risk and overall stress for those you depend on for high quality and compliant data. SimCorp Datacare helps minimize the disruption associated with such changes by expanding your delivery capacity with a global follow the sun operation, which in turn is supported by our market proven EDM platform built on standardized quality rules and data management workflows.
  • With our approach, data management is not a multi-year science project; in just a few short months, you can expect to be up and running and ready for your next challenge.

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Who will benefit from SimCorp Datacare?


  • Build agile, scalable and resilient data operations
  • Support business expansion with agility
  • Reduce operational risks while driving efficiency in data operations
  • Flexible service model which can be adapted to suit your business needs allowing you total control of your outcomes

CDO/Head of Data Management

  • Provide the single source of truth for reference and market data for the entire organization
  • Augment existing teams with specialist knowledge for complex instruments and specialist data types
  • Ensure data vendor compliance and related data cost optimization
  • Transform the data landscape for easier accessibility and better governance
  • Enhance customer value with standardized data models, rules and enhanced flows to support customizations required by the business

Head of Digital Transformation/Change Manager

  • Support a digital-first cloud strategy
  • Drive digital innovation with cloud enabled and automation services
  • Trusted and approved data with complete transparency and governance to drive digital communications

Risk and Compliance Managers

  • Access specialist knowledge for complex instruments to support risk calculations
  • Increase transparency and compliance with end-to-end data lineage for each data record
  • Leverage business talent to focus on generating insights
  • Stay on top and understand the data implications of the new regulations with support from global advisory team

Performance Manager

  • Access specialist knowledge for complex instruments to support performance and attribution initiatives
  • Consistent and accurate index and constituent data, fully verify and validated to support your in-depth performance analysis
  • Free up business talent to focus on generating insights
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