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Why SimCorp’s digital portal? 

Investment returns and unique strategies no longer serve as sufficient differentiators to acquire and retain customers.  However, delivering the best customer experience can be a game changer. Digitizing client engagement is the key to unlocking a better experience for those you serve. Here are just a few ways SimCorp’s cloud-native digital portal can help you stand out from your competitors.

Ensure investors can spend their time acting on insights and not waiting for it

  • Digital portal empowers your investors to get instant online access to performance data, market views and other important documents whenever and wherever they want it. This frees up valuable time to harness insights to drive action.

Understand what your clients want before they ask for it 

  • Behavioral analytics gives you insights into what your investors are interested in, which in turn will help you drive better interactions enriched with insights.

Guarantee frequent and accurate communications beyond times of crisis

  • All portal content goes through specific workflow automations, including approvals and audits. This allows you to easily increase the frequency of your communications and reduce the risk of presenting inaccurate data.

Secure and scale your investors’ communications platform

  • A cloud native solution built on Microsoft Azure ensures the highest industry standards for security and provides a robust platform for continued innovation.
  • Scalability to support growth is achieved with rapid integration of new data sources and a single service and business partner for all communications and portal capabilities.

See a demo of the new SimCorp Coric digital platform

SimCorp Coric expands its suite of solutions with a digital, self-service portal to support buy-side firms in creating a superior client experience that increases client satisfaction and retention.

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Who will benefit from SimCorp’s digital portal?

Chief Marketing Officers

  • Differentiate brand from competition with digital information sharing
  • Create relevant communications with insights from client digital interactions
  • Support customer targeting and profiling with portal analytics
  • Facilitate brand consistency across all communications

Client Relationship Manager

  • Ensure frequent and accurate communication beyond times of crisis
  • Drive client growth and retention with differentiated experience
  • Enrich customer interactions with analytics and insights
  • Shape new offers from insights derived from client engagement

Head of Digital Transformation/Change Manager

  • Support a digital-first cloud strategy
  • Fast track innovation in customer experience
  • Improve operational efficiency with legacy platform consolidation

Client Reporting Manager

  • Empower clients with self-service access to data and insights
  • Automate workflows for data preparation, audits and sign-offs
  • Meet ad hoc requests while increasing reporting frequency

Head of IT

  • Drive continuous innovation with SaaS delivery
  • Scale to support new clients and mandates
  • Improve operational efficiency with legacy platform consolidation
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