Associate partners

Our Authorized Partners are selected for their ability to complement a SimCorp Dimension business transformation project.

Neox AG

Neox AG has over two decades of experience in the field of information technology. Founded in 1988 in Pirmasens as a GmbH Neox converted into an AG (limited company) in 2001 with shares being held by founders and employees.

Serving primarily corporate clients within the financial sector Neox AG provides superior consulting services in the application and development of software solutions.

Neox’s business strategy of long-term success, low personnel turnover (including management), as well as ongoing employee training and development ensures continuity and consolidation of expertise for the benefit of our clients. Today Neox is distinguished by its’ functional and technical expertise that combined with its practical experience ensures the most effective and professional service available.

As "Certified SimCorp Professionals" Neox personnel have, for a number of years, supported SimCorp GmbH in their implementation projects in Germany and neighbouring countries. Neox is pleased to utilise the hands on experience and knowledge gained as a SimCorp GmbH implementation partner in the service of SimCorp Dimension users.


Since 2002 Preyer has experience successfully supporting SimCorp clients with the implementation and support of SimCorp Dimension. In 2010 Preyer became partner of SimCorp Germany and since 2013 Preyer is SimCorp implementation partner in Europe and North America, with offices in Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

Preyer provides a team of trained and certified SimCorp Dimension specialists with backgrounds from the industry itself providing a deep understanding of the issues faced implementing a complex product. The unique combination of practical knowledge combined with a deep understanding of the systems involved allows Preyer to deliver the essential connection between the Business and IT to deliver a working solution in a timely manner.

Pentagon Consulting

Designing and delivering greater efficiency for the investment management community through improved operations and technology for the front, middle and back office.

Pentagon Consulting combines industry know-how with technical expertise and extensive solutions knowledge to help clients assess, define, select, implement and maintain cost and process efficiencies throughout their business.

Headquartered in London and with an office in Boston, Pentagon Consulting clients include global asset managers, fund administrators and securities services providers.

Pentagon is a global SimCorp Partner, covering UK and Ireland; Middle East; the US and Canada.