Business Partners

Our Business Partners provide complementary business solutions to SimCorp Dimension. We have collaborated with the business partner to they build and support an interface that integrates with both solutions.

SunGard APT

SunGard APT provides multi-factor risk models that use a pure statistical methodology based on market data for factor definition. More than 50 models are available in single country, regional, and global varieties, including dedicated emerging markets and Arabian markets models. These models are used to estimate risk profiles for a multitude of asset classes including equities, bonds, currencies, indices, commodities, derivatives, and funds.

SimCorp Dimension incorporates an interface to 'APTXMLserver' which, based on APT multi factor models, computes a wide range of market risk key ratios.

This plug and play interface allows SimCorp Dimension users to easily access a full range of risk analytics while keeping operational and project risk to an absolute minimum.


MSCI is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to financial institutions worldwide, with 40+ years of experience. MSCI delivers indices, risk and return portfolio analytics and financial analysis services and products for the entire investment process and covers all major asset classes. MSCI supports more than 6000 clients in more than 80 countries, including asset managers, banks, hedge funds and pension schemes.

The solutions include best of breed risk systems like Barra and RiskMetrics. SimCorp and MSCI have developed an interface that transfers positions and instrument descriptions from SimCorp Dimension to MSCI RiskMetrics and enables the user to store the MSCI RiskMetrics analytics and alerts in the SimCorp Dimension database. The two-way solution significantly decreases the operational burden of describing holdings, benchmarks and reporting structures preparatory to the analysis of risk. Consolidated reports combining SimCorp Dimension and MSCI RiskMetrics data can be produced, and the SimCorp Dimension Manager, Dashboard and Alert Inbox applications can be used to analyse the results returned from MSCI.


DTCC creates certainty in post-trade operations through the automation and timely confirmation of the economic details of trades executed between investment managers and broker/dealers.

Every day, DTCC enables an efficient community of more than 6,000 financial services clients in 46 countries to manage matching and exception handling of trade allocations, confirmations, and settlement instructions. DTCC has also extended its trade lifecycle coverage to include counterparty risk management, which supports end-to-end collateralization and reconciliation across multiple asset classes.

Leading organizations rely on DTCC to help manage an increasingly complex investment industry by providing operational stability and solutions that complement the focus on profitability in an era of escalating trade volumes. Across borders, asset classes, and trade lifecycles, DTCC is the global standard for operational efficiency across the investment industry.

SimCorp Dimension interfaces with DTCC for trade allocations and confirmation, enabling STP where matching occurs and highlighting exceptions for resolution.


ReportSoft is focused on corporate reporting and rich internet reporting solutions.

The company combines knowledge and experience with one of the most flexible, innovative, and best performing reporting and analysis platforms from Actuate.

ReportSoft has been a partner of SimCorp since spring 2006, contributing domain expertise within financial and portfolio reporting and analysis, specifically in the use of Actuate's e.Spreadsheet solution, which provides the flexibility of the spreadsheet with the security and audit trail functionality required for robust business deployment.

ReportSoft offers implementation, training, installation, and support for reporting applications in close collaboration with SimCorp for our common clients throughout the world.

Dynamic Solutions

Dynamic Solutions S.A. has been successfully working as an implementation partner with SimCorp for financial service providers for many years, acquiring deep SimCorp Dimension expertise in the process. Based on this hands-on knowledge, Dynamic Solutions has developed software to compare and monitor SimCorp Dimension configurations, SCDDiff. Use of SCDDiff saves the SimCorp Dimension customer time and money in background operational tasks such as system upgrades, testing, and auditing.


Dynamic Solutions also has core skills in the realization of data migration projects in the context of the implementation of SimCorp Dimension. Since 2007 Dynamic Solutions has been the officially preferred partner of SimCorp for all fund migrations in the investment trust sector.

The integration of SimCorp Dimension into the IT environment of the client is another important field of activity for Dynamic Solutions. Here the company offers both standardized and individual solutions based on its proprietary Java-driven integration platform DSGlue and the internal interface tools of SimCorp Dimension.


Cassini Systems

Cassini Systems have created an innovative, award winning, pre-trade platform for OTC trading that combines risk, limits, fees, margin and collateral in a single set of analytics. Cassini supports What-If tests on your OTC trades to ensure lowest TCA, showing overall Initial Margin and lifetime trade costs, and also suggesting alternative trade structures that may provide the required exposure at lower cost. Cassini’s technology can now be delivered as an integrated solution with SimCorp Dimension.


OTCX was one of the first web-based trading platforms for exotic and vanilla OTC derivatives, allowing users to negotiate trades more efficiently and evidence best execution.

Our objective is to improve workflow processes between dealers and clients and reduce operational risk, whilst giving users control over their trades. With compliance teams being required by increasing regulation to be ever more stringent and an enormous number of verbal trades still being missed, our Request for Quote (RFQ) platform enables the buy-side to be fully compliant with all impending regulation such as MIFID ll. The OTCX platform is a smart tool for bi-lateral negotiation, increases flexibility in trading and employs state of the art, easy to use technology. Headquartered in London, OTCX also has offices in Sydney, Australia.


deltaconX is a full service provider offering a unique software & support package catering for European financial-, energy- and commodity trading organizations enabling them to meet their various regulatory reporting and market surveillance obligations such as EMIR, MiFIR/MiFID II, SFTR, FinfraG, REMIT and MAR within a unified platform. Manual efforts and the total costs of ownership are therefore reduced to a minimum.

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BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Whether providing financial services for institutions, corporations or individual investors, BNY Mellon delivers informed investment management and investment services in 35 countries.

The partnership between SimCorp and BNY Mellon offers a range of custody services including settlement and safekeeping and cash and securities services within Simcorp Dimension. The connectivity provides mutual clients globally, with enhanced operational efficiency and transparency in core investment processes, more efficient enterprise risk management, and increased speed to market for on-boarding.

BNY Mellon and SimCorp pursue a shared roadmap to deliver an open and integrated target operating model, with enhanced custody information and improved operational efficiencies. For more information visit also: