Why Cloud Enablement Services?

Research shows that fewer than 20% of Financial Services companies will have their operating environment in traditional data centers within the next 3 to 5 years. So how can we help you start your cloud journey now?

We can help you assess the strategic and tactical priorities of your business and map them to the latest SimCorp cloud service options.

A holistic approach to your cloud migration journey

  • We work with you to identify the best approach to transform your existing on-premise model of SimCorp Dimension to a cloud deployment model. Together we cover these areas:
  • Your motivation for change, including cost and business drivers
  • Identify your appetite for cloud transformation and timeline
  • Outline and align application architecture roadmap
  • Capture priorities, processes, pains, and expected outcomes

Cloud Enablement Service


Work with an experienced partner

  • We have partnered with Cloudsoft, a company specializing in cloud strategy, application modernization and cloud migration. Our joint forces will provide you with a best-in-class outcome.

Start the project now, enjoy the benefits sooner

  • Recent cloud enablement projects have helped our clients downsize their database by 50%, decrease time to market by 25%, and reduce overnight batch processing runtime by 50%, all leading to an increase of business agility and end-user satisfaction.

Moving core IT platform and data management capabilities to the cloud

The subsidiary of Norway’s largest pension fund, KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS (KLP) was faced with the challenge of applying more internal IT resources to maintain the operations of their increasingly complex and large applications in-house, or out-task these activities to allow them to focus on their core business and respond faster to new market opportunities.

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Who will benefit from Cloud Enablement Services?

Chief Operating Officer

  • Improve operational efficiency through the execution of quick win cloud adoptions
  • Support the innovation process focusing on business growth
  • Maximize return on investment of your SimCorp Dimension solution

Chief Technology Officer

  • Integrate SimCorp Dimension into a bigger cloud transformation
  • Ensure effective ramp-up of valued priorities when introducing cloud technology
  • Get access to vast expertise in application management and cloud best practices

Applications, Operations and Change Managers

  • Drive your company’s cloud journey with a trusted partner
  • Become a change agent supporting your company’s corporate cloud strategy
  • Fast track cloud-enabled deployment benefits
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