Why Customer Care?

Customer Care provides integrated product support, end-user assistance and continuous learning programs so you can focus on your core business.

Responding to system questions and resolving issues can be time-consuming tasks and often require extensive system expertise. Even minor system issues have the potential to significantly impact the business and take key resources away from their core competencies.

SimCorp’s Customer Care service is designed with all these complexities in mind and offers comprehensive system expertise that helps mitigate operational risk and lower costs. Here are just a few ways Customer Care can support your operations.

Faster adoption of your SimCorp solutions

  • Maximize effective day-to-day usage with easy access to tips, tricks and fast issue resolution.

24/5 access to global expertise on demand

  • Get fast and reliable access to dedicated experts to answer questions and resolve system issues.

Increase your system knowledge and self-sufficiency

  • Build knowledge base on FAQs and identify programs to mitigate capability gaps

Reduce key-person dependency

  • Use the expertise of the Customer Care team to help balance work capacity to accommodate periodic peaks and lulls.

Enjoy uninterrupted daily operations

  • Maintain steady operations and scale your usage of SimCorp Dimension solutions without interruptions in business support.


Who will benefit from Customer Care?

Chief Operating Officer

  • Experience more elasticity and flexibility of resources
  • Get access to industry best practices for system operations
  • Maximize return on your investment in SimCorp Dimension

Chief Technology Officer

  • Ensure effective ramp-up of user capability when introducing new technology
  • Get access to industry best practices for system operations
  • Optimize time to market when launching new technology capabilities

Application/Operations Manager

  • Get access to an extended team of experts
  • Fast track to better adoption of your system
  • Enjoy uninterrupted daily operations

Change Manager

  • Get data from peers to support your business case for change
  • Promote faster adoption of SimCorp solutions
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