Why SimCorp Software as a Service?

Operating your SimCorp solution in a managed operations-based environment in the cloud will give you more support and a quicker time to market, so you can focus on business drivers like growth, differentiation, and innovation.

SimCorp Software as a Service lets you hand over the mundane tasks of running, upgrading, and managing your technology platform so you can concentrate on what you do best – investing money and growing your assets. You will benefit from unmatched service quality, access to ecosystem-enabled innovation, scalability, and best-in-class security and compliance – as well as improved cost-effectiveness.

The impact and value of SimCorp Software as a Service

Risk mitigation
Experience fewer risks in operating and managing the platform including upgrades, security and compliance risks, and those associated with IT staff and key people dependency.

Sustainable growth enablement
Improve time to market for new initiatives and free up people to focus on growth and innovation, while also significantly decreasing CO2 footprint.

Cost optimization
Transparent and predictable costs allow you to reduce operational expenses associated with running, operating, and upgrading your platform.

Business outcomes you can expect

Scalability and efficiency
Standardizing operations helps you obtain the full benefit of a cloud service or managed operations-based environment.

Security and compliance
We offer the most advanced audit, regulations, and security certifications.

Expertise and operational excellence
Rely on SimCorp’s deep technical and operational expertise through one single point of contact and one holistic SLA, provided for the entire SimCorp platform and solutions ecosystem.

Cost transparency
No hidden costs – the costs involved in managing your SimCorp solution are fully predictable and customized to your requirements.

DevOps and automation
We offer integrated enhanced release, testing, and configuration services, already automated and embedded in the platform as part of our roadmap.

A fully flexible functional configuration
You can control your functional configuration layer to protect strategic assets and allowing you to differentiate from your competitors.

Kick start your cloud journey

The Customer Application and Platform Services are the building blocks of SimCorp Software a Service. They make it easier for you maximize the value of your SimCorp solutions.

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Customer application and platform services

Who will benefit from SimCorp Software as a Service?

Chief Operating Officer

  • Improve your staff’s satisfaction working with SimCorp solutions
  • Outtask non-core technology activities to free up time and resources for business growth
  • Execute projects faster
  • Maximize return on investment of your SimCorp solutions

Chief Technology Officer

  • Get peace of mind by transferring risk and responsibility to a trusted partner
  • Solve your capacity and high-tech skills requirement gaps
  • Get instant access to vast expertise, best practices and standards
  • Integrate your SimCorp solutions into a bigger cloud transformation

Applications, Operations and Change Managers

  • Become a change agent focusing on building and not maintaining
  • Remove pressure on the team by shifting project work forward
  • Optimize your run and change process
  • Improve your development lifecycle to continuous delivery
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