Asset Manager

Course Objective:

The intention of the course is to provide knowledge to generate different analyses and simulations in the solution Asset Manager and to get an overview of the functions of the different applets.

Main Learning Topics:

Day 1:

Basics and configuration of new analyses in the Asset Manager

    • Data selection
    • Create different configurations and layouts
    • Create pivots and charts
    • Functions of the dashboard
    • Administration of applets

    Simulation and change of the asset allocation

      • Different key ratios
      • In-Grid Simulation
      • Simulation of securities which are not in the holding
      • Simulation on aggregate level

      Day 2:

      Functionalities of different applets

        • Multi Portfolio View
        • Cash Forecast
        • Single Security Targeting
        • Strategy definition
        • Simulation Filter
        • Compliance results

        Create and manage Order in the Order Outbox

          • Generating order from simulation, quick order
          • Order Defaults
          • Copy, change and delete an order
          • Workflow of Pre Trade validation

          Different functions of the latest releases


Pre-requisites are the course 'Introduction in SimCorp Dimension' and/or practical experience in the system.

The participants should be well versed in the above mentioned topics concerning the process of their institute.

Course Duration:

Days: 2 days
It is possible to participate in only one course day

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