Back Office

Course Objective:

Back Office is a two-day course which is recommended for all SimCorp Dimension user. The course imparts basic knowledge of the Back Office transactions workflow, the structure and the logic of the system.
The key set-ups of the static data and the transaction process in the Transaction Status window will be introduced. Afterwards cost and settlement defaults will be explained and exercises will be offered to this topic. System-generated transactions as coupons, redemptions, equity splits and rights will be made and handled. The topics of the second part of the course are financial accounting principles and financial accounting methods. Holdings will be changed by reallocations. In addition, an example of an EOP transaction will be shown and an interest adjustment will be generated. Finally, the portfolio calculation will be introduced briefly.

Main Learning Topics:

  • Static Data Equities and Bonds
  • Transaction Process
  • Settlement Defaults
  • Costs and Taxes
  • Bonds: Coupons and Redemptions
  • Corporate Actions: Splits, Dividends, Rights (optional)
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Accounting Principles and Accounting Methods
  • Reallocation, Blocking
  • End of period transactions (optional)
  • Overview: Portfolio Calculation


Pre-requisites are the Course 'Introduction in SimCorp Dimension' or experience in the system and basic knowledge in the above mentioned themes concerning the actions in their institute.

Course Duration:

Days: 2 days

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