Client Support

Days: 3
Daily training hours: 9 - 17


Course fee:
€ 2775 (excl. VAT)

Course Objective:

The course introduces SimCorp Dimension to the client’s application support personnel and system administrators. The course explains the system architecture, looks at system administration tasks, and most importantly, teaches them how to handle issues when they arise. It also provides hands-on activities reinforcing the learning objectives, where relevant.

Main Learning Topics:

  • Navigation
  • User Administration
  • System Administration
  • INS Files and Patches
  • Batch Jobs
  • Clean up jobs
  • Technical Overview
  • MUCS
  • Service Operations Introduction
  • Archiving
  • Upgrade
  • Incident Management

Additional information:

The course includes an official one hour Assessment test at the end of the course. The test consists of 30 questions. You will receive a Diploma after passing the test.

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