Communication Server

Course Objective:

The purpose of SimCorp Dimension Communication Server course is to give the participants basic knowledge of SimCorp Dimension connectivity with particular focus on the Communication Server and the interaction between the Communication Server and the transaction flow in SimCorp Dimension.

By the end of the course participants should be able to set up from scratch a simple Communication Server solution, to import a data file into SimCorp Dimension, to export a data file from SimCorp Dimension, and be able to set up a transaction flow that triggers a Communication Server via Auxiliary Status Jobs.

Finally, the participants will be presented to specific port types, advanced SCD Gateway commands, and best practices for Communication Server solution designs and scalability.

The course will be a mixture of theory, SimCorp Dimension presentations, and hands-on exercises.

Main Learning Topics:

Introduction to SimCorp Dimension Connectivity components and especially the Communication Server.

  • CSV and XML format
  • Communication Server architecture
  • Communication Server files
  • Ports, labels and handlers
  • CDL - Cartridge Definition Language
  • Communication Server Sandbox
  • Sending/enqueuing and receiving/dequeuing
  • SCD Gateway
  • SCD Gateway and CDL Gateway commands

Transaction processing in SimCorp Dimension

  • Transaction flows
  • Auxiliary Status Job concept
  • Auxiliary Status Job configuration
  • STP processing and queues
  • Transaction matching
  • Match setup

Communication Server

  • Message routing
  • Synchronous and asynchronous flows
  • Persist and Sequencer ports
  • Scalability and decomposition
  • Communication Server tools
  • Best practice and naming conventions  


  • Technical User Course or SimCorp Dimension Academy
  • Knowledge of XML.
  • Knowledge of XSLT is an advantage.
  • General understanding about security transaction processing in SimCorp Dimension.

Course Duration:

Days: 4 days
Daily training hours: 9:00-17:00

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