Compliance Manager

Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Compliance Manager solution within SimCorp Dimension. The course will consist of two main parts: in the first part, you will get familiarized with the different applets, simple and complex rules, and the rule building process. In the second part, you will learn about operational and daily workflows by understanding how Compliance Manager integrates with the other Front Office solutions within the system.

The ultimate goal is to enable you to build up your confidence in working with Compliance Manager.

The course will be a mixture of theory, SimCorp Dimension presentations, and hands-on exercises.

Main Learning Topics:

  • Understanding Compliance Manager and its applets 
  • Building a hierarchy and assigning rules
  • Building simple, complex and special rules
  • Understanding the rule building blocks and how to use them
  • Understanding the four-eyes approval
  • Understanding the operational workflows, i.e. Front Office data layer, batch jobs, validation groups, services, Compliance Configuration/FO Options / Attribute Configuration
  • Understanding the portfolio life cycle with respect to compliance
  • Understanding the daily workflows, i.e. pre- and post-trade compliance


We recommend that you have attended one of these courses:
SimCorp Dimension Academy (link)
Middle Office User course (link)
Professional User course (link)

Course Duration:

Days: 3 days

Daily training hours: 9:00-17:00

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